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papaya tree

The Yummy papaya tree also known as the Paw Paw tree is grown world wide in many tropical climates but it is thought to have originated form possibly Central America or Mexico.

I have always loved fresh papaya and when I was in high school and worked at a health food store I started taking chewable papaya enzymes. It helps to aid in digestion and is just all around good for you because it has lots of potassium floate, vitamin C also a great source of fiber, vitamin A, E leutin and lycopene which can possibly help prevent prostate problems in men.

Papaya is the only natural source of papain a natural digestive aid which its main propose is to break down protein and cleanse the digestive track.

Growing papaya from seed is probably the easiest and most successful way to get started. And it's also the cheapest way to get started. Its as easy as using seeds from papaya fruit you buy from the store you just have to know what to do.

I have tried several times and it will start to sprout, I think the largest I go it was 3 inches then, gone! I'm not giving up I'm going to try aging this coming spring.

However, the papaya can be a fickle, fussy plant... Papayas are easy to grow, but not necessarily so easy to keep alive a bit of work to get good juicy fruit from it. That will take some Tender Loving Care!

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papaya tree

papaya tree

papaya tree

papaya tree

Papayas, How To Grow Fruit Trees

If you want to learn how to grow paw paw trees yummy fruit or the AKA papaya trees, they have very specific climate requirements for luscious growth and good fruit production.

They must have warmth throughout the year and it can be damaged by light frosts that come about. Brief exposure to 32° is damaging and prolonged cold without overhead sprinkling will kill the plants Its sometimes best to cover the trees with a sheet during these cold times.

Cold, wet soil is almost always lethal to the papaya tree. Cool temperatures will and can alter the flavors of the papaya fruit.

Most people don’t know that papayas make excellent container and greenhouse trees where soil moisture and temperature can be moderated and controlled.

If you want to grow one in your back yard, front yard or patio areas, by seed make sure you pick a sunny protected spot in your garden.

Get a fresh papaya from your grocery store half it, take out the seeds from the fruit papaya, you don’t have to even clean them, plant them directly into the ground, simple!

But before you plant them you will need to take the time to prepare the soil, first by digging a hole at least two feet deep and two feet wide then fill it with a rich organic soil mixed with fertilizers and vitamins. Sprinkle a small handful of seeds down on top of this new soil then lightly cover them with about an inch of organic soil.

You really don’t want to put them into a pot to start them off because they don’t do very well if they are transplanted this is when the finicky part stares so make sure the place your plant exactly where you want it to grow.

It can sometimes take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for them to start growing so be patient.

When they start growing there will be many starting to grow up form the ground, if there are many pull out some of the smaller ones so that you can have a strong healthy papaya tree you can even TRY to take the smaller ones and plant them in another spot to see what happens.

Keep about 6 of the sprouting papaya trees just like other fruit bearing trees they need a male and a female in order to produce fruit.

papaya tree

When they start to flower the male flowers will usually start first but they will not produce fruit, the female plant will produce flowers that are close to the trunk of the tree, that’s where the papaya fruit grows, not on branches. You can see this in the papaya pictures I provided for you.

Papaya trees need lots of nitrogen and lots of compost which helps keep the soil rich and moist. Fertilizer will also need to be applied often. If you have animals like chickens, you can put their droppings at the base of the plants which is a great fertilizer and growth booster for them.

They also need lots of water, but don’t over water them, papaya trees can get root rot very easy and are usually the main reason why they will die.

If all goes well you will get your first batch of papaya fruit by the next year.

Remember the paw paw tree needs as much sun as they can get so be careful where you plant it if it can get 100% of sunlight it will help in the process of growing thee fantastic fruit trees.

papaya tree

papaya tree

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