The Tropical Paw Paw Tree Also known as the Asimina Triloba

Paw Paw Tree

These incredible fruit trees the Paw Paw Tree, is a member of the tropical Annonaceae family, and it's the largest fruit tree native to the United States.

These tropical fruit trees are also known as the Asimina Triloba tree which is its scientific name of plants. It also goes by the Poor Man's Banana, Hoosier Banana, Ozark bananas and the Indiana Banana.

This tree prefers to grow in moist rich fertile soils that are slightly acidic soils.

They add an exotic tropical flair to temperate tropical and subtropical gardens while providing your family with an extraordinary edible fruit that taste great!

If you grow them in direct sunlight they will grow in a very controlled conical pyramid shape but if it is grown in shade or partial shade you can expect it grow a bit more out of control shape. It prefers a climate zone of 9 or a sunset climate of zone of 15

The pawpaw tree or asimina triloba can be great shade trees growing anywhere from 10 to 18 feet or you can control the size by growing them in a container as a specimen tree although this is not done often.

Its dark green, oblong leaves can grow up to 12 inches long, which droop giving the pawpaw a cascading leafy tropical appearance that is sought after.

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Paw Paw Tree

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Below is a great selection of Paw trees or Paw Paw seeds so you can grow this great tropical fruit tree in your own garden!

Paw Paw Tree

Growing Paw Paw Trees, Pawpaw Tree, Asimina Triloba

When it comes to its maroon flowers grow drooping upside down that may reach two to three inches across. They will bloom for about six to eight weeks usually about early March to late May.

Each one of these flowers can contain several ovaries which explain why a single flower can produce multiple fruits and these fruits are also one of the largest fruits produced on a tree they range from 5 to 16 ounces and can be up to 6 inches.

The flavors these fruits produce are a combination of pineapple, banana and papaya and have a soft texture and consistency and are yummy!

Paw Paw Tree

Paw Paw Tree

Paw Paw Tree

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