Tropical Peace Lily Care

Peace Lily Care

Here at my Tropical House Plant pages, learn about Peace lily care the peaceful Peace Lilies, and growing lilies.

These Beautiful peace lilies are a monocotyledonous flowering plant and its fairly easy growing peace lilies.

The scientific name for peace lilies are Spathiphyllum just in case you were wondering

The peace lily can be found in North America, South America, and parts of Asia and naturally many places in the US.

These are tropical plants, and love a tropical environment weather its natural or if you kind of help the conditions along a bit. They are found in tropical environments, in homes and gardens around the world. Based on its scientific name, it may be called a Spath flower or a Spath lily.

If you live in the right area, and learn the proper Peace Lily Care you may be able to purchase one from your local nursery or florist. If not, you can always buy them online there are many that sell them, I have provided a few links at the bottom of the page for you to go and buy some if you wish.

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Peace Lily Care

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Peace Lily Care

Peace Lily Care

What to do for Peace lily Care and Growing Lilies

First things first, Potting you Plant

The first pot you plant your Peace lilies may seem small to you, knowing that your plant may reach up to four feet tall. Don’t worry, its best for the plant if you work your way up to a larger pot gradually.

For proper Peace Lily Care it is always best to start off small, then go to a medium pot, then a large pot so that you will be ready for each stage as it comes. This guarantees a healthier plant.

As your plant grows, you will need to transfer it in to a larger pot. Because if you don’t the roots with smother and it will kill the peace lily plant.

Mixing Your Soil

The Soil you uses will make a difference in how it looks and blooms, here are different options that you can use when planting.

They all work great to grow a successful peace lily so you will have to decide which one is right for your home and its environment.

First for proper peace lily care, you can buy a good soil and mix it with some peat moss. Second, you can purchase an organic soil and add a little sand to help draining the water, and keep it from pooling.

Finally, you could buy commercial soil and add both peat moss and sand.

Fertilizing Your Plant

Peace lilies don’t require as much fertilizing as some other types of plants do. By adding a fertilizer quarterly is all you need. That means four times per year you want to add a diluted fertilizer to your soil for the greenest leaves and lots of white flowers.

Liquid fertilizer is ideal for this situation, when growing peace lilies. Put fertilizer in a measuring cup, add water, then pour into the soil. If you don’t dilute your fertilizer, you will start to observe the tips of your dark green leaves turning and ugly brown.

If this happens, use less of the fertilizer and more of the water the next time.

Watering Your Peace Lily

Peace lilies need to be watered often. The soil in the pot should be kept moist. The only concern you should have is whether or not your water has chlorine in it which is a problem with all house plants. Chlorine and other chemicals can damage your plant.

As I’ve said on my other pages regarding other plants, fill a pitcher with water and leave it not covered for at least 24 hours to evaporate the chemicals. Rain water, if it can be collected is awesome for o your plants.

How Much Light Does Your Peace Lilly Need?

Peace lilies don’t actually need direct sunlight. They are better off with artificial light or indirect sunlight.

By placing you plant a few feet away from a window, its leaves will stay shiny and dark green color. Pay attention to your leaves and if their color begins to change, move them further away from the sunlight.

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Most likely you will not have to do much in the way of pruning your peace lily. If you see any leaves or flowers that have turned yellow or brown, you will want to prune them so that the rest of your plant remains healthy. If you are taking good care of your peace lily, it may never have any spots that turn brown or yellow.


If eaten it is poisonous so please be careful if you have small children or pets.
Main toxic Principle: Insoluble calcium oxalates
Clinical Signs: Irritation of lips, mouth, throat, vomiting

 Peace Lily Care

Peace Lily Care

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