Tropical Phaseolus Caracalla or Better Known as the Snail Vine

phaseolus caracalla

Phaseolus Caracalla, Vigna Caracalla, Corkscrew Vine, Snail Flower or more commonly the Snail vine is also a great house plant that’s so beautiful. An absolutely gorgeous, exotic looking vine with blooms that will blow you away.

This Tropical Snail flowers is also considered one of the evergreen plants.

Snail Vine, another name is Corkscrew Vine is a vigorous subtropical vine with very distinctive snail shell flowers in tight, foot-long clusters from midsummer through fall.

Snail Flowers are light purple, and may be marked with white and yellow. Does nicely in a sunroom container, where it will stay relatively small, or outdoors in the warmest zones, where it may also twine to 20 feet or more, depending on the length and warmth of the season.

Or, it can be grown outside during the warm months, then cut back, brought indoors, and treated as a houseplant. Bloom is quite fragrant as well as attractive.

The snail vine does well in a hanging pot with its beautiful flowers dripping of the sides, or c you can grow it in a regular pot but you will need to put a small trellis for it to attach to.

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Phaseolus Caracalla

Phaseolus Caracalla

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Phaseolus Caracalla

Phaseolus Caracalla

Phaseolus Caracalla

Phaseolus Caracalla

Its blooms are butterfly like, and are grown in clusters. The blooms are white to yellow with lavender wing petals to an all pinkish purple flowers. The Phaseolus Caracalla is such a stunning flower.

This blooming vine has Outstanding Features as you can see with its texture, Color, the shape of its beautiful Flower, and last but not least it’s Fragrance!

Phaseolus Caracalla

Phaseolus Caracalla

The Care for the Snail Vine is very simple, see below

The Phaseolus Caracalla or snail vine is great for attracting bees, butterflies and or birds to your tropical garden.

Height: When outdoors it grows to about 15 - 25 feet and can spread equally as wide.

But when growing them indoors it will only grow according to the pot you put it in and naturally you need to keep it pruned to control the shape and size of this beautiful tropical blooming plant.

The standard is ovate and the keel petal is strongly curled like a snail's shell. The bases of the standard keel while and wing petals are pressed closely together.

Blooming Time: Approximately Mid March to October this plant can be enjoyed visually as well with its incredible fragrance.

Ease of Growing: Average

Light Preferences:It loves the sun (minimum 8 hours of direct sunlight)

Soil Preferences: Well-drained you don’t have to do much to the soil although every year around Feb I would add a time released fertilizer for more and fuller blooms.

Watering Your Plant:Medium amounts of water, wait until soil dries out a bit before watering again.

Leaves:They are dark green with glossy leaves that are narrow and oblong with pointed tips. They're about 2 to 3 inches long by about 1/2 inch wide. They are in opposite pairs along smooth twisted reddish brown stems that are unmistakable.

Seed Pod: It produces a very long thin pod, that can reach 12to approximately 18 inches long and about 1/4 inch wide. It is an edible bean with high protein content and each pod will produce on the averaging about 14 seeds.

It can grow easily from sea level up to elevations of 2,500 Feet.

Habitat: This magnificent plant is an landscape plant that is native to Central America and not surprisingly tropical South America.

But it's more widely found growing wild in its natural habitat in Caracas in Venezuela.

Phaseolus Caracalla

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