The Tropical Philodendron Plant

Philodendron Plant

The Tropical Philodendron plant is one of the many exotic house plants that are the tropical rainforest plants.

The Philodendron is from the Araceae family, which has approximately 400 plus documented species.

These intricate beautiful green philodendron plants grow naturally in humid tropical forests, the have been also found growing in swamp areas.

They are quite a social plant and when they are growing in their natural habitat, they love to grow in large numbers like family’s in clusters or bunches and are easy to spot even in a tropical jungle.

These specific plants of the tropical rainforest are very distinctive but take many forms when identifying house plants like these philodendrons.

The leaves on these plants for the most part are on the large side and its shapes can be speared, lobed, oval, pinnate shaped and may more of a combination of these.

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Philodendron Plant

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Philodendron Plant

Philodendron Plant

Philodendron Plant

Philodendron Plant

Philodendron Plant

Philodendron Plant

Philodendron Plant

Philodendron Plant

Philodendrons are tropical evergreen plants that are ideal houseplants for many reasons. One being that they are such easy house plants to care for, and they don’t need a lot of constant attention.

They are also great purifiers and incredible at cleansing the air in our homes and if they are planted out side help in purifying our outdoor air as well.

They are also low light house plants because of its upbringing in the tropical rainforest they do not require a lot of light, although they love light, like most rainforest plants they can’t tolerate direct sunlight, it will damage their beautiful green foliage.

They prefer moist soil of nutrient rich organic soil which is closely similar to natural rainforest soil. The philodendron plant does well potted and grown in your home. Also occasionally wipe down the leaves to remove dust.

I you want a more lush plants like Amazon rainforest plants, giving it a watered down liquid fertilizer every other week or if your a busy person like I am miricle-gro time released pellets, like the shake and feed are awesome.

Philodendron are Poisonous house plants Philodendrons contain oxalates in the form of calcium oxalate crystals which if in jested it can cause swelling of the tongue and itching in your mouth and throat. Inflammation of mucous lining in the mouth, but not to exclude the cheeks, gums, tongue and lips. You can get dermatitis just by touching it or in some worse cases, dysphagia can occur which is an inability to speak. Eating this plant will have a very mild effect on humans, although you would have to eat large amounts to suffer extreme cases of the above. Please remember for children these can be much more severe, and in too many cases causes death in cats.

Philodendron Plant

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