by S.J. LEE
(Seocheon, South Korea)


Nice to meet you, sir..

I am S.J. LEE from South Korea.

I plan to buy some tropical plants for new tropical botanical garden(or green house).

so, First of all, I really hope you let me know whether or not you have or get the plants in the list below.

second, if you have the plants, how much I pay for those?(single plant price, inclouding shipping fee, pakage fee,..etc.)

please let me know total price that bring the plants from there to here(South Korea)...

If you don't have the plants, please let me know any coporation or nursery etc. where sell the plants..

I know I'm bothering you . but, please help me..


Elegia cuspidata Mast. H 100 (cm) 10
Carica jamaicensis Urb. H 150 (cm) 3
Ficus tremula Warb. H 150 (cm) 3
Tournefortia hirsutissima L. H 100 (cm) 3
Bombacopsis glabra (Pasq.) A.Robyns H 150 (cm) 2
Pterocarpus officinalis Jacq. H 250 (cm) 2
Canella winterana (L.) Gaertn. H 200 (cm) 2
Cecropia obtusifolia Bertol. H 150 (cm) 2
Cecropia peltata L. H 150 (cm) 2
Gustavia superba O.Berg H 150 (cm) 2
Carica pentagona Heilborn CARIC H 200 (cm) 3
Bougainvillea x buttiana Holtt. Et Stand. H 200 (cm) 5
Sterculia cauliflora Merr. H 300 (cm) 2
Carica monoica Desf. H 200 (cm) 3
Ficus soatensis Dugand H 300 (cm) 5
Triplochiton zambesiacus Milne-Redh. H 200 (cm) 2
Tournefortia argentea L. f. (Syn. Argusia argentea (L.f.) Heine) H 200 (cm) 2
Peumus boldus Molina H 150 (cm) 3
Cariniana legalis Kuntze H 200 (cm) 2
Philodendron bipinnatifidum Endl. H 200 (cm) 5
Cinnamomum verum J.Presl H 300 (cm) 2

Good Day to you S. J. Lee,

I have so many plant for sale that you are looking for but I am just the middle-man but the only way to know if they will ship to South Korea is to find the plants on my site, when you try to place the order it should tell you at that time if they will ship to you. I am so sorry I wish I could help better.

Here are the links to my specific pages with some of these plants you are looking for.

Thank you so much for visiting my site and I
Hope you have a wonderful day!


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