Exotic and Fragrant Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

You don’t See these Rare Tropical Flowers the Pineapple Lily in just every garden, Purchase and find out more about growing this exotic, fragrant and beauty in your tropical garden! Your friends, family and friends will be envious of these in your garden.

The Pineapple Lily are grown for its unusual flowers that either resemble pineapples and are perfectly cylindrical with brilliant colors.

The leaves are thick and lance shaped and make up a full basal rosette just like a pineapple, I love these flowers they’re so exotic and unusual flowers to don’t see everyday.

These rare tropical flowers, these Lilies like a rich, loose soil and full sun to warm them throughout the day. They will grow in partial shade, but will have fewer less brilliant and smaller flowers if not given enough sun.

Remember not let the name fool you, this has beautiful flower has nothing to do with a real pineapple fruit and is not edible, so don’t go getting any crazy ideas and try to eat it!

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Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lillie’s for Sale

Just imagine how envious your neighbors will be when they see these exotic and fragrant beauties growing in your garden!

Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

Tugela Jade

Pineapple Lily

Sparkling Burgandy

Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

Oakhurst Or Chocolate PineappleLily

Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily

Incredible close up of these flowers

Growing Pineapple Lily

Pineapple Lily's look so exotic... These flowers have flowering stems that begin very tiny and continue to expand throughout summer they’re quite a sight.

Eucomis are will last a long time and although they prefer to be left undisturbed, its offsets can be detached from the mother bulb in fall, taking an additional two years before the babies flower.

This fragrant South African native has tropical looking, leaves with flower spikes that appear to be miniature pineapples at the top of each stem.

Hundreds of waxy, one inch starry flowers are perfectly shaped, mostly edged in maroon and begin opening from the bottom up, I have provided a picture of this for you.

A marvelous cut flower, the stems stay fresh for weeks and will last longer if you change the water every 4 days or so.

This is a very easy plant to grow, relatively needing little or no special attention.

If you are going to plant bulbs make sure they are planted level with or just below the soil surface in a well drained, warm and sheltered position in full sun. It can tolerate some shade but if you want the most beautiful plants, give it full sun.

They are also wonderful as potted plants, although the bicolor Pineapple Lily flower head does tend to get heavy and droop and fall over unless you tie them up with thin bamboo stakes in the pot. Or even if grown in the ground, it’s well worth this little extra tender loving care for theses flowers.

They tend to grow larger if planted into the open garden in full sun but if you choose to grow them in pots they make great specimen plants.

Water the plants well once they are planted. Pineapple lilies need constant moisture in the summer for fuller more colorful blooms, then cut back on watering in the winter, as too much water will cause the bulbs to rot.

Fertilize regularly with fish emulsion or liquid kelp once every month during the summer.

You may propagate pineapple lilies by removing offshoots of the plant in the spring.

Gently pull the new plantlet off the original plant and put it into another part of your garden or into its own pot. Many other plants like bromeliads are propagated this way.

Pineapple lilies may be grown outdoors year round to Zone 7. Although they can grow much better when left in the same spot for several years.

In colder climates, you should dig up the bulbs and store them indoors for the winter. Store them in a pot of soil similar to that in the garden. Let the pots dry out before storing and keep them dry during the winter. Keep them in a place that stays between 55 and 68 degrees.

 Pineapple Lily

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