Planting Fruit Trees and
Tropical Fruit Trees

Planting Fruit Trees

Yes some trees may be a little different but planting fruit trees especially tropical fruit trees for the most part need the same steps in order to ensure a healthy juicy fruit bearing trees.

When growing fruit trees it’s easy to get most of them established in short periods of time, the trick is keeping them alive and actually growing fruit.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to grow your own fruit not to mention the money you save by growing your own fruit especially for bigger family's.

Remember before growing fruit trees make sure to choose tropical trees that will grow where you live, you may want to grow lets say mango, but because of your planting zone and the climate where you live you may not be able to unless you have a hothouse or greenhouse.

So, if you are not sure which type of tree to get its important to ask your local nursery for the varieties which will grow best in your area.

Many exotic varieties are inviting and you will want to grow them, but the local varieties will produce best with the least effort, it all up to the time a devotion you are willing to put into growing fruit tree, it will take a lot of attention and T L C especially if you are growing them from seeds.

Before planting fruit trees match the tree to your soil. Plums, for example, do well in damp soil conditions which might not be good for apples. Pears and apples can handle drier soil, but need good drainage etc...

Some times the best thing to do but will take some work is to change your soil by adding the correct compost, minerals and organic matter to get the correct acidic level for the tree you have chosen to grow.

You can do this by once again checking with your local Home Depot, Lowes etc. and let them know which fruit tree you are attempting to grow and they will tell you which vitamins and minerals they carry to assist your tree in growing healthier for your planting zone.

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Planting Fruit Trees

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Planting Fruit Trees

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Planting Fruit Trees

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Planting Fruit trees Basics

This is the same when planting any tree but when planting fruit trees dig a hole at least twice as wide for the roots of your tree so that none of them are bent. Also dig twice as deep of the size of the pot it came in and put organic or rich soil at the bottom of the hole make sure the roots are completely covered. A wider hole is better, if possible, since that will make it easier for the tree to grow.

Chip away at the sides of your hole to break any compacted soil -this will make it easier for your tree's roots to grow beyond the initial hole.

Most Bare root trees don’t need to be staked. But if yours does, use a tree stake at least five or six feet depending on the size of the tree and hammer it into the hole before you plant the tree, then put the tree in and fill the dirt and you can tie it to the tree with gardening ribbon which is a green stretchy plastic or ever a old pair of panty hose will work if you have nothing else.

Carefully place your fruit tree into the center of the hole. Place it slightly above the existing ground level. It's better to plant a little high than too low because the trees will often settle, just make sure the roots are completely covered.

Amending the soil with nutrients may be necessary. Make sure not to create an artificial environment for the tree, in the long run it will stunt growth of your tree. Check with your local nursery and buy whatever amendments are recommended for your area. Organic in most cases is better, if there is a nursery that you know of that can assist you with organic matter this will be best so you can grow organic trees that will produce healthy fruit.

Use the amended soil that you have dug up to make the hole to fill it back up with back into the hole. Make sure that the soil is pressed down into the soil making it firm all around to support the tree, always water immediately after doing so to help compact all the soil, add more if it settled too much and bare roots are showing.

Go ahead and soak your roots as soon as it starts drying out, you may need to water a bit more when first getting your new fruit tree established.

Planting Fruit Trees take some work but well worth the effort when your tree is producing fruit for you and your family.

To find out more about fruit tree pruning instructions click here for those instructions.

Planting Fruit Trees

Planting Fruit Trees

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