The Tropical Pothos Plant

Pothos Plant

The Pothos plant is one of the most common house plants grown to day in the US and around the world because of its simplistic growing habits.

Its one of the most easy to care for house plants that you will find, it seems you can’t even kill them if you wanted to.

These indoor house plants varieties are classified as Poisonous house plants, All parts are considered to be poisonous. If ingested or even touch or chewed the symptoms will be possible diarrhea and naturally burning and swelling of lips, mouth, tongue, and throat and may cause skin rashes or itchiness.

The pothos goes by other names such as Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy, Marble Queen and the scientific name of plants in this species is Epipremnum aureum. Either way its easy to identify house plants that have such a distinctive look and growth pattern the devils ivy does.

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Pothos Plant

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How to Care For Your Pothos Devils Ivy Plant

To care for those plants like the pothos plants you will find it doesn’t take much for these types of house plants.

They are considered to be low light house plants which means they don’t like direct sunlight making it great for offices, bathrooms or small apartments that don’t have a lot of lighting.

So no direct sunlight please, it does prefer filtered sunlight will and can adapt to almost total shade.


Although this plant can tolerate complete neglect, if you want your plant to be lush and full you will need to water the plant when the soil top layer is dry about 1/2 an inch to a inch deep.

If you want from time to time maybe every tree moths give it a time released fertilizer.

When it is time to water again you will need to soak it completely till it runs out the bottom through the drainage holes. If you have a tray underneath make sure there is no water pooling in it, if there is make sure to pour any excess water out.

Native to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific this plant has been around for along time but unlike its fellow tropical plants it is capable of tolerating cooler temperatures and drafts.

The pothos plant pretty much will run wild if you let it, its plant growth process is vigorous and can grow as tall as 20 inches tall but if you stake it or put a trellis near it this plant will vine up to 8 feet tall or possibly more.

This plant when growing in tins natural habitat are actually tropical vines that attach to trees and shoots up rather rapidly.

Pothos Plant

Propagating plants

Cut off a stem with several leaves on it at least 4 inches long from the base of the stem.

Get a mixture of perlite and peat moss 1/2 and 1/2 mix together and put into a very small pot maybe 3 inches or so.

Then soak it thoroughly, using a rooting hormone dip the tip of the cuttings before placing it into the mixture.

Make sure to keep the soil moist but not soaked at all times and keep it in a filtered light. Once it has established its self transplant it into regular soil and you’re set!

My mother had one as a house plant for about 10 years, she finally got sick of it and stopped watering it, just when we thought it was dead she threw the dirt from within the pot into the garden and we though that was the end of it.

Well Next summer came around the darn thing was sprouting shoots and coming back to life?? Easy care is an understatement!

Pothos plant

Pothos Plant

Pothos Plant

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