The Beautiful Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

This remarkable plant the Prayer Plant gets its name because every evening it folds its leaves as if in prayer.

Its beautiful detail of a bright green leafs with dark green contrasting oval or striping makes them a desirable and exotic house plants for your home or office, even a bath room they LOVE moisture and humidity.

These beautiful plants originate from tropical rainforest in Central and South America, which is what it is to be considered to be a low light house plants because of it's natural habitat growing underneath the canopy of these tropical forest.

They don’t grow too large so this makes them perfect for growing them in pots for indoors, on a patio or growing them in smaller gardens.

This amazing Tropical Rainforest Plant also goes by its botanical name, Marantaceae or arrowroot. They definitely add beauty and definition to any room or garden and grow well with other plants.

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Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

Remember when caring for plants like these never put them in direct sunlight it will eventually kill the plant or severely burn the leaves on it, and will cause the plant to look unhealthy and wilt.

Never give it excessive amounts of water, it does love moist soil but not muddy or soaked.

Giving it a Fertilizer to simulate a nutrient rich rainforest soil is necessary. You may either use a organic soil and if you use a liquid fertilizer dilute it to half the amount of fertilizer with the full recommended amount of water each month, or you can use time released nutrients like miricle-gro shake and feed every three months.

Plant Propagation is easy with the prayer plant, just cut off a piece of the plant as close to the main stem without cutting the stem during spring to early summertime.

Add some root growth hormone or a root starter to the base of the stem where you cut, then place it in water and wait for roots to form, once the roots starts growing form the cuttings you can now place in soil to grow.

This is when I would add a planting and transplanting solution to help boost it along.

My favorite shrub or foliage to grown with it is Caladium because of its bright green and pink colors running throughout them then there’s my ultimate favorite the Persian Shield which is a magnificent purple color.

prayer plant

Prayer Plant

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