Tropical Shrub Pseuderanthemum


The Pseuderanthemum comes in many colors and is quite an addition to Tropical evergreen gardens. It’s also known as Chocolate Plant and is a shade tolerant shrub.

The P. reticulatum or black leaf is my favorite because of its exotic dark cocoa bean color draws you in and is such a stand out plant.

Its nick name is black leaf shooting star. From time to time it will produce pretty white flowers but the foliage is so beautiful by its self that the flowers aren’t even needed.

With plants like these it makes identifying evergreen shrubs and shrub identification easy with its unique color foliage.

The Chocolate Plant is a semi fast growing shrub no matter what species you wish to grow, here is a list of plant names for these varieties starting with, P. atropurpureum, P. hansoti, P.reticulatum, P.yellow dwarf, P. graciflorum, P. graciliflorum, P. andersonii and black leaf shooting star just to name a few.

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Chocolate plant .....Great Photography by Nancy J. Ondra


Another Black Leaf Shooting Star


Flowers of The Pseuderanthemum reticulatum



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This plant that is from the Acanthaceae family and originates from tropical regions in Malaya, India, Sri Lanka, Malaya and Penang and is now cultivated and grown abundantly i southern Florida and Texas.

Caring for these types of shrub is very easy, let me show you why.

All they need is a rich mix well draining soil.

Don’t plant it in full sun.

It loves moisture so make sure to keep the soil most and don’t let it dry our too long before watering again but its very important not to over water this plant, too much will cause its slow death or could cause it may cause chlorosis.

Fertilize every three months unless it s starting to look a little weak or wilting a bit then every month until it looks healthy again. Although these symptoms could also mean that it is getting too much direct sunlight.

These beautiful types of evergreen shrubs do very well if you want to grow them in a container to grow outside your home on a patio or deck some may even survive as a indoor house plant with ease.



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