Tropical Queen Palm trees

Queen Palm trees

Everything you want to know about Queen Palm trees which are well known and popular as California palm trees, Florida palm trees and Hawaii palm trees. Find out the care, and growing palm trees like these beautiful statuesque palm trees species and palm tree types...

The Beautiful queen palm also known as Syagrus romanzoffiana is a fast growing tree that reaches heights of 45 feet or more, so don’t plant them under power lines like I accidently did, transplanting these palm tree species aren’t easy.

You are more likely to see them in warmer states such as Florida and Arizona and can withstand temperatures as low as 25 degrees F. which makes it as one of the cold hardy palm trees. Vey popular California Palm Trees found everywhere.

The fronds that grow on the queen palm trees are dark green. In the summer, the tree has beautiful clusters that look like little orange berries but dont eat them till they are ripe. They begin to appear in the early winter and are so beautiful. you usually wont see thm until the tree is more mature. Look at the palm tree pictures of this palm tree species and you will see wht I'm talking about.

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Queen Palm Trees

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By growing these tropical queens of the tropics I guarantee you’ll be glad you added them in the landscape of your garden, they create a look like no other palm.

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Queen Palm Trees

The Queen Palm Tree was originally found in Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina and most of South America. This palm is a fovorite and can be seen everywhere landscapes in many places around the world!

How to Distinguish a Queen Palm tree

These palm tree types get attention for its spectacular clusters of fruits that hang so gracefully cascading down these palm tree varieties. About November or so, the green fruit clusters appear the turn to a yellow orange colore. But I must say the beautiful orange fruits can make a big mess when they start to shed from the tree This is in my opinion its the only fallback this tree has.

This exotic, palm has bright green, soft, leaves forming a graceful, drooping canopy giving it a graceful look.

The dead fronds are persistent and often require pruning to remove them form these palm tree types, the Queen Palm tree.

queen Palm trees

Growing palm trees and its care

Growing best in full sun, Queen Palm is happiest in well drained soil that is acidic.

****That’s actually opposite for humans, we can develop cancer and other illnesses if our bodies are too acidic and we are much healthier when our bodies are alkaline. *****

Potassium deficiency is also displayed on older fronds in well-drained soils. The Queen Palm loves moisture and fertilizer, give it what it needs and it will reward you with one of the most beautiful palm trees you've ever seen.

Queen Palms can grow very fast with the right conditions. Lethal yellowing disease is soneting yo may not have to worry about with the Queen Palm, If youre one of the lucky ones!

If you are pruning too many fronds at one time can cause the palm to becoem unhealthy.

Your not supposed to plat them to close to cement but in my case they are planted in a row growing up my driveway, but I give them lots of vitamins and they are doing really well..

Always make sure your palm has enough minerals feed them palm tree fertilizer.

Ortho has fertilizing ground spikes that are used for a constant of vitamins.

I apply granular time release minerals that I use every 3 to 6 months.

Propagation is by seed and many times you will see new trees sprouting up from under the trees, although I have one in my back yard no where near one of my bigger trees yet it is about 2 feet tall, it may have come from bird droppings from a bird whom ate some of the seeds?

queen palm trees

queen palm trees

Queen Palm Pests and Palm Tree diseases

There are many things that can attack causing palm diseases to the queen palm trees and pests, pruning can put palms at greater risk of disease also if your palm is constantly sitting in water this can be a factor as well..

Fusarium wilt, caused by a fungus, this fungi is a big threat to the Queen and Washingtonian palms, although other palms are at risk

There's no cure for the disease and it's easily spread in the wind and by unclean pruning tools.

Lethal Yellowing or also known as Ganoderma butt rot can kill Queen Palm trees. It probably enters the trunk most often if the tree has ben accidently cut. There is no cure for this awful sounding disease, only prevention.

queen palm trees

If you follow these simple guidelines, you'll boost the health of your palms and their ability to fight disease. With their healthy green fronds, it will also be easier for you to catch problems early.

When fertilizing you palm tree the experts recommend a special, time-release 8-2-12-4 (phosphorous-potassium-nitrogen-magnesium) that’s what the numbers stand for , formula created by the University of Florida after several years of field testing on Florida palm trees. Sold under the "Florida's Finest" label, the fertilizer is unique because it includes major and minor elements and all are coated for slow release, so you can't over fertilize. In contrast, most palm fertilizers coat only the nitrogen element for slow release.

Don't prune green fronds, unless they have a disease or mites and bugs attached that you cant get rid of. It's not true that removing green fronds will encourage growth or shape up a palm, despite the advice of some tree trimmers who promote this practice. Over-pruning your queen palm trees can increases the palm's susceptibility to diseases and worsens any nutritional deficiencies. Only dead fronds should be pruned.

Red Palm Mites Symptoms: Scattered yellow spots on both leaflet surfaces; yellowing of entire frond, especially lower region of plant; premature drop of flowers and fruit Treatment: Unknown.

Trunk Rot (fungus) You’ll know you have this when you see scorched black new fronds; oldest leaves wilt and be brown, the trunks on the tree will weep a black, gummy substance; the trunk can be soft and unstable, sunken, black spots on trunk

Treatment: If caught early, your tree might have a chance to save your tee, but usually this disease is fatal. If you tree is determined un savable dig out the tree as soon as possible and make sure you take a large amount of soil out from underneath and all around, This is to make sure no infected soil left behind.

Interesting facts
During the late sixties and seventies botanist began referring to this palm tree as Areca strum romanzoffianum. Now this Queen has been placed in the genus Syagrus, and the species name became romanzoffiana. This is also a cold hardy Queen palm and very easy to care for and its one of my favorites, I have four of them that absolutely make my garden look more tropical.

I hope you will enjoy the palm tree images and photos I have provided for you.

Tropical Queen Palm Trees

queen palm tres

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