The Tropical Rambutan Tree
and Its Fruit

Rambutan Tree

The Rambutan tree and it's fruit are native to the western lowlands of Malaysia, and is now cultivated in Zanzibar where it was first introduced, It can also be found growing wild in Sri Lanka and in many areas of Southeast Asia.

The exotic rambutan fruit is most commonly grown in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia I have personally never seen one grown in the tropical areas in the US besides Hawaii.

When growing fruit trees like this the fruit is grown for export in Australia, Sri Lanka, Central America and Vietnam to be sent to other countries around the world so that can you and I could enjoy this wonder fruit.

Other tropical countries grow it for their own domestic consumption with it not being allowed to be exported.

In 1993, only thirty farmers on a combined sixty acres grew the rambutan fruit in Hawaii.

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Rambutan Tree

Rambutan Tree

Rambutan Tree

Rambutan Tree

Rambutan Tree

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More Facts About The Rambutan Tree And Its Fruit

The Rambutan tree is cultivated primarily for its fresh fruit, but also canned in syrup, cooked for stewed fruit and jams in the countries they are cultivated..

The colorful fruits are frequently used in displays with flower and fruit arrangements.

The seeds are edible when roasted, and have a titter taste to them.

One of the most exotic looking fruits and closely related to the lychee, very tropical rambutan, This striking fruit may be greenish yellow, orange or crimson. If you ever have the chance to get some give them a try, I think you’ll love them.

Unfortunately cultivation of rambutan is considered too fragile for the United States, which is too bad what a cool tree to be able to grow and the fruit is actually really yummy and fresh tasting.

Although a very close and similar a fruit called the litchi looks almost identical but taste a bit sweeter. Still hard to get here in the US. which is a shame we cant enjoy these exotic fruits as easily as they do in other countries.

Oval or globe-shaped, they are usually one to two inches long with a section of the stem attached. Easy to remove, the soft flexible hairy bristles are about one-half inch long.

Prized for its exceptional juicy-sweet texture, rambutan's flavor is really quite subtle. Having a slight resemblance to a sweet chestnut, this unusual fruit gets its name, no surprise, from the Malaysian word for hair, "rambut".

The large seed has an almond-like taste.

Here is a great Desert idea
Rambutan fruit is excellent added to a mouthwatering tropical fruit salad. Combine with papaya, mango, pineapple, kumquats, and banana, to name a few.

Blend with just a touch of brandy, orange juice, lemon juice dressing, and if you have it just a bit of pomegranate concentrate. Chill. Spoon the luscious fruit salad into festive coconut shells or split a pineapple down the middle the long way, scoop out pineapple and serve it in it for an impressive dessert. Top with whipped cream and you’re set.

If you are into canning these fruits are perfect for this. The rambutan isn’t easy to rot or lose it healthy look and its texture. To prepare, cut or tear base of fruit; press out the translucent pulpy flesh.

To store, fragile rambutan keeps only a day or two at room temperature so go ahead and keep them in the refrigerator if you’re not going to eat it right a way. .

Rambutan Tree

Rambutan Tree

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