The Rex Begonia & Begonia Plants

Rex Begonia

Did you know that the Rex Begonia escargot and Begonia plants originated as a tropical rainforest plants? They are.

But they are now a very common house plants found in homes and gardens around the world.

Begonia house plants are also given often as gifts.

They have been noted as a flowering house plant but honestly they flowers are small and are drowned out by the spectacular showy leaves this rainforest plant produces.

Begonia plants over the year have developed many hybrids that were grown specifically for showy ornamental foliage while other were grown for their beautiful colorful flowers both great I gardens and also as exotic house plants.

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Rex Begonia

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Begonias, Tropical Rainforest Plants That Are Low Light House Plants

Fertilizing Rex Begonia or begonia's in general, every three months is highly appreciated by this beautiful plant, I always prefer a time released form as far as stakes or pellets that way I'm sure that it is getting nutrients continuously.

If you look closely to these lowlight houseplants you will notice how it has a very short purple, burgundy color of fuzz covered all over the leaves as well as the stem, they’re very cool...

When growing once plants of the rainforest you must try to provide as much of the same conditions if its natural habitat as possible.

Never over water them, they do love moisture but over watering will cause the plant to rot, starting at the roots. So keep it moist to the touch and its ok to let it dry out a little now and then between watering.

You should on occasion mist them with a water bottle, they love it and you will see the benefits of this by having a more beautiful and blooming plant!

Another thing to remember is don’t put it in direct light, they do love bright areas with lots of sunlight. So putting it near a window is fine jut not in direct sunlight.

The rex begonias are more specifically an ornamental plant with its different ranges of deep green to a more florescent green with it spiral leaves followed with white spiraling around like the pattern of a snails shell.

They really are quite beautiful and will add such detail and uniqueness to any home or garden that they are grown in.

Rex Begonia

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