Royal Palm Trees Of The Tropics

royal Palm trees

Spectacular Royal Palm Trees, also known as Roystonea Regia, is Florida’s signature palm and is a beautiful addition to any landscape in Florida, California, Hawaii or just about any where that doesn’t have freezing temperatures.

This Palm tree is quite impressive and grand in appearance and adds a distinctive and tropical feeling to just about any landscape area or tropical garden as you will be able to see in the Royal Palm Trees pictures below.

It is a genus of up to 12 species and is one of over seventy species of indigenous palm trees. This statuesque tree is native to tropical regions of Florida, the Caribbean, and the adjacent coasts of Central and South America and is quite abundant in Cuba.

The tree is single-stemmed and usually grows over 60’ in warm areas.

Its trunk is quite thick at the base or central portion of its trunk, depending on the species of the palm although they generally are fairly close.

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royal palm tree

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royal palm tree

Growing Palm Trees

The Royal Palm adapts well to both dry and wet areas, but is somewhat sensitive to cold weather as most palm trees are.

With a cold tolerance of approximately 30º F. Caring for these trees are easy as long as the weather is appropriate making it a cold hardy palm trees.

Cold, dry winds tend to slightly damage the ends of the leaves and impact the appearance of the Royal Palm tree but they do recover from this damage.

The Royal Palm Trees are single-stemmed and usually grows over 60 feet in warmer areas where it is happiest.

The tree’s leaves are pinnate and feather-like and have a distinctive green basal sheath with extends down the trunk this is one of the features that makes it distinguishable as one of Florida Palm trees.

royal palm trees

Pruning Royal Palm Trees

As you can see trimming these Royal Palm Trees especially these massive trees are quite the task and not as easy as one would think...

Avoid pruning these tropical trees whenever possible. Most palms shed their fronds naturally, but others drop the fronds after some time.

When it is necessary to prune the trees, never remove fronds that do not hang below a line parallel to the ground. Palm tree trimming is only important for the ones that are brown and dead.

Allowing self-pruning or self-cleaning is especially important for the species that have a 'crown shaft' which is the green smooth column below the fronds that you can see in the palm tree photos.

For trees without crown shafts, prune fronds by sawing them off close to the trunk after they have turned brown, be careful not to cut too close to the shaft of the tree.

Palm Selection

Before choosing a palm tree Look at neighborhood and see which ones seem to thrive in your area. Take advantage of the many local nurseries in your area where you can see the many varieties available.

You can also look through a Landscape Plants reference guides. You will get many ideas for Species selection and placement that could save much time and effort for your planting zone and climate.

Never pull or rip off fronds. Permanent wounds to the trunk of the Royal Palm Trees allowing for fungus or rot invasion and produces large holes in the trunk.

Planting Your Palm Tree & Planting Depth

Location: Look at the proposed location and visualize the palm as full grown. Look up to see if there is clearance from buildings and overhead obstructions but most important power lines. A Royal Palm may grow into power lines in no time at all.

Plant at the same height as grown except when the roots are exposed. In this case they should be planted with the soil level one half inch higher than the lower edge of the trunk.

Nver plant too high over the roots and up onto the trunk of the tree, this can cause rotting of the base of the tree.

Use clean sand next to the trunk mixed with soil.


Palms do not like to be planted in heavy muck or clay or muddy soil since these soils hold too much water.

They do well in sand and gravel-sand soils where water drains quickly. The perfect soil would be a sandy soil with 10 to 20 percent or peat to hold the water and provide proper nutrients.

If the soil around your home or landscape area is clay like, then dig the hole around the root ball extra wide and deep and should be filled with a sandy peat replacement soil which is mounded in a low hill 6 inches above grade and 6 feet in width.

royal palm trees

Palm Tree Diseases or Pest

The Royal Palm Bug or otherwise known as Xylastodoris luteolus...

This bug is an unusual insect. It feeds on only one plant, the royal palm tree, and the female lays one egg a day during the spring, kind of like a chicken. This is a big problem for Florida Palm Trees because this is a horrible little pest that can be just that.

The bugs rarely kill the host tree but the damage they do really takes away the beauty of this three.

These insects are the only North American insects related to Thaumastocoridae family. The royal palm bug is completely dependent on the royal palm for food and shelter and only this palm.

Eggs are laid in the spring inside the folds of new palm leaflets which protect the eggs until they hatch about eight or nine days later then in a bout a month they reach adulthood which is about the same time that it takes this tree to produce a new leaf. It’s a vicious cylcle.

After hatching, the bugs feed on the new leaf producing yellow spots on the lower leaf surface. Large numbers of bugs feeding on one leaf can cause it to develop brownish streaks and eventually depletes all its color.

The adult royal palm trees bugs are very small, only about one tenth of an inch long. Adults have red eyes, are light yellow in color and have wings. Young bugs look exactly the same except that they don’t have wings.

Controlling Royal Palm Trees Bugs
Insecticides are effective against these bugs. Direct application, though, can be difficult in the case of extremely tall palms.

It doesn’t help that the bugs rarely attack trees under 12 feet in height. Usually you would have to hire a professional to come out, climb the tree to apply the pesticide.

A possible solution to this problem is the application of imidacloprid (Merit) to the root systems of the trees. Consult a tree care specialist for details and procedures.

As always when using insecticides, use caution and follow directions carefully and not to let children or animals come into contact with it.

royal palm trees

Royal Palm Trees or the Royal Palm Tree

These kinds of palm trees leaves are pinnate and feather-like and have a distinctive green sheath that extends down the trunk this is want makes the tree so distinctive.

These well known Royal Palm trees, Florida palm trees are synonymous with their semi-tropical climate that many are growing palm trees of these species all around.

I hope the information I provide will help you learn the basic needs of these tropical treasures, Royal Palm Trees.

royal palm trees

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