The Tropical Salvia Plant

 Salvia Plant

Learn about all the varieties of the Salvia plant and the different and bright color flowers it produces from purple flowers bracts to red flowering bracts, yellow even a lime green flowers, Indigo even white flower bracts.

The different species and scientific name of plants in the salvia plants family are Pineapple Sage "salvia elegans" which are red, Salvia "Indigo Spires" hence the name indigo blue, Rosebud Sage "Salvia Involucrata" are red, Mexican Bush Sage "Salvia Leucantha" can range from red to a red-violet color.

Limelight "Salvia Mexicana" is a brilliant lime green color, Caribbean Coral "Salvia Splendens" produces a coral-orange color, Van Houttei "Salvia Splendens" are a velvety scarlet and last but not least Waverly "Salvia” which are a very lightly tinted lavender, so many color shades to choose from.

Whewww... That’s a lot and there are so may more, I believe there are almost a thousand species that I could find out about with a plant identifier.

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Salvia Plant

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How to grow plants like these? Let’s make it real easy!

First off they love the sun lots of it, and are very tolerant to heat.

They also love lots of moisture but must have well drained soil, make sure when watering to really soak them well then let the plant dry out a bit before watering again.

The salvia plants can tolerate dry spells but I don’t recommend it if you want it to be full, lush, green and produce lots of blooms.

By their distinctive look and colors it makes it easy for tropical plants flowers and decorflowering plant identification, you know once you’ve seen one you’ll always recognize them.

These types of evergreen shrubs are fast growing and will bloom from the late spring all the way through to late fall. And depending where you live as long as you don’t get snow to heavy frost your semi-tropical perennial will do fine.

tropical plants flowers and decorHow do plants grow so easily with very little effort and look so beautiful, I don't know but I'm not going to complain...

They also grow anywhere from 18 inches to 5 feet tall.

These are fast growing shrubs that love to be in full sun to show off the beautiful lush greenery and brightly colored flowers.

These plants are one of hummingbirds and butterfly’s favorites, so if you plant them expect to have those wonderful perks of those cute little birds and beautiful butterfly’s in your tropical gardens.

 Salvia Plant

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