The Beautiful & Tropical Sea Hibiscus

Sea Hibiscus

Very similar to the hibiscus plant, the Sea Hibiscus flowers look a bit different but still beautiful & perfect for growing in evergreen gardens.

Hibiscus Tiliaceus, are fast growing shrubs that often grow into trees, so when asking weather its a tree or a shrub the answer is both, its all up to you and how you want to grow it, a small brush or a tree that can grow up to 20 feet?

The one thing I really love about these evergreen shrubs and the flowers it produces are that they first start off as beautiful bright yellow flower then as the day goes on it slowly turns into an orange colored flower then blend into shades of red then it fades to a brownish color till it dies and falls off as you will see in the flowers pictures below of them.

But these tropical flowers only last for one day, sometimes two if you’re lucky.

This beautiful tropical plant originated in Pacific and islands in the Indian oceans and naturally tropical Asia and it is said to have been a tropical rainforest plat at one time.

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Sea Hibiscus

How do plants grow? And how to care for the hibiscus Tiliaceus better known as the Sea Hibiscus.

These beautiful plants with its big dep gren heart shaped leaves that can get up to 8 inches long, love to be in a well drained soil.

When watering these fast growing shrubs make sure to let it dry out a bit before thoroughly soaking the soil. It love lots of water.

Don’t be afraid to spray down the whole shrub branches, flowers and leaves once in a while, they love that as well.

If you want greener leaves and want to boost the blooms it is best to use a liquid fertilizer every two to three months.

It grows its best when in zones 10 to 11.

Sea Hibiscus

The first stages of the Hibiscus Tiliaceus Photo By N Sivasothi

Sea Hibiscus

Picture of this shrub maturing and changing color... They are very beautiful with the combination of colors adorn the petals. Photo By Exoticmatahari

Sea Hibiscus

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