Tropical Sea Shell Decor for
Indoors and Outdoors!

Sea Shell Decor

Your tropical home decor won't be complete if you don’t use Sea shell decor, seashells or starfish.

Decorating with sea shells can really make a difference and add that perfect tropical Polynesian touch to your home, office or patio and are very important in completing your tropical decorating.

I have used them in different ways and different places around my home, I'll show you pictures of that and what I did.

I used two sided padded tape and arranged them on the wall, I’ve put them in bowls, and I have even put them in a palm tree hammock that is supposed to be used for fruit.

You can scatter them on a platter with candles, just use your imagination and have fun. Adding you own special touch from something you created makes you feel good about your home and the tropical look you created.

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Sea Shell Decor

Decorating your home with shells
can be Fun!

Just use your imagination and see what you come up with, when it comes to starfish and seashells, you can never go wrong with Tropical Sea Shell Decor!

Shell and Starfish Hawaiian Decorations

If you are trying to create the look of Hawaii or Tahitian beautiful and exotic cabana room or the look of a high end hotel, then these seashell decorations are the perfect way to achieve that look

Tropical Decorating

Using beautiful shell décor in your home will give it a beachy tropical feel to any room.

Here are some shell decorating books to help you with great ideas for making your own shell décor as presents, decorating for weddings or just for your home and garden

Click Here To Find More Of The Best Sea Shell Decorations and Decor

Tropical Decor Ideas With Shells

Below are some great ideas that are very inexpensive ways you can add the beauty of the sea in your home with seashells and starfish.

Sea Shell Decor

In his picture above the wall is only three feet across with a pocket door behind it so I can’t use nails, so I used the padded double sided tape and stuck them to the wall and created a beautiful cluster of star fish & Tropical Sea Shell Decor.

Sea Shell Decor

The other one of my cheap decorating ideas was on the top of my shutters in the living room, it looked so bare and was too shallow to put much on top of it so as you can see I got the larger starfish and just put them across, perfect!

Sea Shell Decor

The other on a budget decorating ideas was the shells in the fruit hammock and putting them above the bay window in the kitchen, when money is tight and you need a few areas filled up you can’t beat the cost of sea shell decor and starfish it's so easy and very inexpensive.

It’s so simple yet makes a subtle impact when you decorate with simple beach seashells that you can purchase or if you live near the beach take your children or a friend down to the beach for a walk and collect your own.

Sea Shell Decor

To do all of this above in the pictures only cost me $18.00 and I still had extra shells and star fish so I put them on a shelf in my boy’s bathroom with candles, see decorating beach house stye is very easy to do.

Sea Shell Decor

Here are a few examples for cheap home decorating ideas with Tropical Sea Shell Decor with very little effort and the little things you can do with Starfish and or shells that make a plain wall in to a beaufiful tropical work of art.


Sea Shell Decor

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