The Tropical and Mystical Smoke Bush

Smoke Bush

The tropical smoke bush is an amazing sight to see when in bloom, and it truly looks as if soft puffs of smoke are rising form its purple foliage.

This uniquely beautiful shrub is also known by its scientific name of plants which is cotinus coggygria.

The Purple smoke tree is originated form Madagascar and this particular species grows at its fullest potential and can be most invasive in climates like its natural tropical and sub-tropical inviorment, But is now widely grown in and around Southwestern United States and Mexico as a evergreen shrub.

These species are fast growing shrubs and have been known to take over and out grow over weeds and native plants if planted too closely.

The Smoke tree has been noted as fact that these plants have smothered the canopy of rainforests and proof of how devastating and invasive they really are.

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Smoke Tree

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These beautiful somkebush shrubs are what add the wow factor to your garden when they’re in full bloom, it’s an amazing sight to behold. Watch as it transforms your garden med with an exotic mystifying tropical look.

Smoke Bush

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Smoke Bush

Cotinus Coggygria
Smokebush Care

In the early to mid summer months this shrub Cotinus coggygria also know as Royal Purple Smoke Bush will dazzle you with a enchanting display of exploding feathery purple blooms that hover over the beautifully rich colored unsurpassed burgundy color leaves and will linger around for you to enjoy for weeks to come.

This evergreen shrub also produces mass amounts of pollen, great for the bees bad if you have allergies so beware of this and also the sap is an irritant so be carful no to come in contact with it.

Out of all different tropical smoke tree this one specifically is the most disease resistant.

These exotic plants are very tolerable of their surroundings and can tolerate, poor, gravely even sandy soil and even endures mildew or moss.

Besides growing in topical environments as an evergreen it can also be grown in Zones 4 to 8 in which it may not be an evergreen but still a spectacular shrub to enjoy during the warmer months.

As far as watering it does prefer a moist, well drained soil, but can tolerate short periods of drought and can also tolerate alkaline soil.

Smoke bush

Smoke Bush

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