The Exotic and Rare Solandra Maxima

Solandra Maxima

Solandra maxima or also known as Cup of Gold flower is native to Mexico, and are also found in tropical countries like Central America and also growing wild all over Northern South Tropical America.

These rare tropical flowers are a sturdy thick stemmed tropical plant with large shiny leaves and the very showy large bell shaped golden yellow flowers that look like a cup of gold.

The thick and woody ropelike stems grow very quickly and branch out and root at their nodes, this is a very invasive plant that will cling to anything in its path and has been know to climb and vine for over 200 feet, the evergreen leaves on these rare tropical flowers are leathery yet stunning and can grow between 4 to 6 inches long.

The flowers are truly spectacular and very large anywhere from 6 to 11 inches long, and as big as 7 inches from side to side.

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Rare Types Of Tropical Flowers

When the flowers first bloom their color is a whisper soft yellow but then as they get older the blooms begin to deepen its color to a deep rich striking gold color.

Not only do they look beautiful but the smell wonderful with a slight hint of coconut. As the sun goes down the fragrance starts to appear.

The Cup of gold Vine blooms intermittently through the year, but mainly in the winter dry season which is great to bring out color in the winter throughout your garden.

The fruits that this plant produces are rarely seen in cultivation and are round berries, about 2 inches in diameter and add a spectacular burst of color along side these exotic tropical flowers.

Solandra Maxima

Solandra Maxima

Solandra Maxima

Solandra Maxima

Solandra Maxima

Cup of Gold Flower

Cup of gold is a fast growing vine that thrives in most any well drained soil.

It tolerates severe pruning which is sometimes necessary because of its over willingness to grow but also it encourages this tropical vine to bloom more.

Don’t worry about cutting this back quite a bit because it will have No problem growing back quickly and even more lush and beautiful than before.

This is a heavy vine, and it requires sturdy support, if you want it to grow upwards,otherwise it will become a dense low lying shrub. A trellis or arbors are perfect for this if you wish it to grow as a sprawling vine.

The Solandra Maxima, Cup of gold thrives in full sun to partial shade and these rare tropical flowers grow best with regular watering, but blooms best when you don’t water as often.

To get the optimum blooms on this flower let the vine grow for a while, producing vigorous new shoots, then withhold water until the leaves begin to wilt then give it lots of water soaking it then letting it dry out a bit before waterng agian.

Planting hardiness: zones are 10 - 11.

Propagation: Cup of gold usually is propagated from stem cuttings taken in summer.

Solandra Maxima

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