Solar Powered Water Fountains

Solar Powered Water Fountains

Luckily solar powered water fountains are entirely self contained, which means the water in the fountain re circulates so you don’t have to worry about hooking it up to a water source and there is no need to worry about where you’ll place them and if there is a power outlet close by best of all no running extension cords that are very difficult to conceal and can be dangerous.

Also these solar fountains are powerful enough to self circulate water which makes is so much easier, so no water lines, no stress.

I love these solar water fountains they’re the perfect fish to your exotic tropical garden to add the sounds of trickling water as if your in a tropical paradise.

If you have to move the fountain simply drain it, move it and its solar panel to the perfect spot where it will get plenty of sunshine, and voila your done, no rewiring, re plumbing, its so easy!

With an outdoor solar fountain it gives you flexibility which means that you can place your solar fountain anywhere the solar panel will and can catch light.

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Solar Powered Water Fountains

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These lovely and beautiful solar powered water fountains are the quickest and easiest way to add a water feature to your home or garden to add the
beauty of sound in your garden.

Solar Powered Water Fountains

Most solar fountain are designed for outdoor use, since that's where direct sunlight can be found.

However, they also make excellent indoor fountains if you are able to place them in a room with access to direct sunlight like a big window or sliding glass windows, sun rooms are usually perfect, and under skylights, I think you get the idea.

Depending on your location and amount of sunlight you get, solar powered water fountains can even be enjoyed well into the winter. Obviously some states and city's are better than others as far as how much sunlight they get.

Fortunately, if you ever need or want to relocate a solar fountain to a different location in your garden it is much simpler than relocating a fountain that requires external power and that is hooked up to a water source.

Solar Fountains are wonderful because there is no limit for your options on where to put them and you don’t have to worry about weather or not its close enough to an electrical outlet.

Let’s also think of the money you save on electricity, but I must say they’re great for solar bird bath fountain or mini water fountains because you can place them anywhere there is direct sunlight. Hence the name solar powered water fountains!

Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

In 1956 is when it all stared and solar cells were being used in larger transmittal radios.

Even some toys had solar chargers in them and were considered to be novelty items which were the first items to have solar cells available to consumers.

This was also the first year that solar cells were available commercially. Although the cost of these futuristic solar cells, however the cost of these were way beyond the financial means of the everyday ordinary family or person. Prices started at $300 for a 1 watt solar cell.

In the early 1970's it was discovered that these solar cells could be produced much cheaper the price was reduced down from $100 per watt to around $20 per watt.

From the 1970's to the 1990’s a dramatic change took place in the way solar cells were being used, you could see them at rail road crossings and in more remote places to power homes.

Recently, however, affordable solar panels have made solar power a practical option for powering many common devices like water fountains outdoor lighting and even for warming swimming pools.

Solar Powered Water Fountains

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