Tropical Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet Potato Vine which are also tropical plants are grown as a perennial plants that are sun loving plants and are fast growing evergreen shrubs and are also a flowering evergreen.

To me this plant is the chameleon of the tropics and Tropical America because it is a vine, plant, shrub, perennial, evergreens and flowering evergreen plants. That’s what I call a jack of all trades.

This radiant chartreuse lime green shrub has beautifully soft pink flowers that have darker centers of either of deep purple or a burgundy color of the sweet potato plant.

The list of plant names that are associated with the Ornamental sweet potato are varieties including the Margarita with lemon lime or chartreuse foliage or the Black Heart and Blackie with finger like deep burgundy foliage.

Native to the tropical parts of South America the sweet potato vine is also widely grown in the southern regions of the United States. It is also found in tropical America, and the warmer islands of the Pacific.

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Sweet Potato Vine

The Ornamental Sweet Potatoes planted side by side the Margarita and the Blackie.

The Ipomoea sweet potato is a trailing perennial plant that is closely related to the morning glory family, and you can see the similarities in the flower it produces.

It loves well drained and slightly acidic soil with a mixture of organic soil.

I recommend fertilizing this tropical vine once a month to every other month, you be the judge if it looks as if its healthy fertilize every other month, if not looking too happy for what ever the reasons every month is best. Do this from early spring to late summer.

This fast growing shrub will over take any smaller plants planted to close it can sprawl rather quickly but if next to a tree it will vine its way up, you are the one in control, so if you want it a low lying shrub just trim it back or if you don’t mind it climbing just let it run wild.

Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet Potato Vine

Courtesy Of Botanischer Garten Bochum, Google Them.

The Sweet potato plant is a big fan of water. So when watering give it a good soaking but let it dry out between the next watering.

Sun, Sun, and more sun is want the sweet potato vine plant thrives for being in direct sun will be just fine

Plant propagation, Just like an avocado seed start from the tuber by inserting toothpicks in the tuber and setting it in a jar of water with the end being barely in the water.

Once you start to see roots forming and leaves are starting to sprout you can go ahead and plant them either in the ground in full sun or into a pot.

Sweet Potato Vine

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