The calotropis gigantea Linnaeus Aiton

Rare And Beautiful Calotropis Gigantea

Rare And Beautiful Calotropis Gigantea

Hi, What a lovely story about you and your family. I, currently, live inland in So Calif and am working on establishing an Hummingbird and Butterfly garden. I'm concentrating on California natives but have a few plants that are not native to Ca. I recently read about the Crown Flower or Giant Indian Milkweed. Knowing the butterflies love milkweeds could you please tell me were I could purchase one or 2 and have them shipped home? Do you know if they would do well in our climate? My climate is chapparal.
Fran Wright
PS. we are currently on Oahu and are available to purchase them here if need be. Also, is there any garden or ? we could visit to see them?

Hi Fran
I love these Crown flowers as well, but they are difficult to get. If you have the opportunity to get some in Oahu I would take advantage of that, and grab me one too, haha

I have two for sale but the growers might have a waiting list that you put your name on and they will contact you when they have some of these tropical flowers.

Here is my page you can go to and see if they are available.

If you brose through my other pages you will find I have many other plants and flowers that are perfect for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.

Unfortunately I only have a online store, I wish I had an actual store, it would make my love of tropical plants and decor so much more fun!

Thank you so much for visiting my site and have a wonderful day!



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