Tropical Pitcher Plant, The Not so Common House Plants!

Carniverous Plants

The tropical pitcher plant, are carnivorous plants, that are very exotic house plants. Sounds kind of creepy to want to want to have on in your garden but its not, They’re just a fascinating plant that is very interesting looking, and a great conversation piece, and definitely not a common house plants to have.

Other plants that are related are the California Pitcher plant, Cobra lily and American pitcher plants are just a few.

I remember being fascinated with a carnivorous plant as a small little girl watching a movie that I cant remember the name of but it was a black and white move (now I'm dating my self, it was in the 60's)and the plant always screamed at the owner FEED ME ! Little shop of horrors was created form this original movie, but it wanted to eat people not bugs and fly’s.

Now that I'm older and know that carnivorous plants cant eat people I can now own one with peace of mind!

These are definitely not common house plants, but very cool to have.

The reason carnivorous plants eat bugs is that their natural soil lacks the nutrients they need to live so they eat bug to get proteins and minerals that they are lacking. Imitating their native conditions is essential to keeping them healthy.

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Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant, Cobra Lily, and California Pitcher Plant

Purchase and grow these incredibly intriguing, mysterious yet beautiful plants in or around your home or give one as a gift.

Pitcher Plant

Tropical pitcher plant

There are many types of pitcher plants, and they all have somewhat different methods of luring bugs into their pitchers.

All pitcher plants have special, deep-cupped leaves that form what are called their pitchers.

These pitchers are colored with pigments called anthocyanins. The anthocyanins dye the pitchers a reddish-purple color, which attracts bugs, making them think the pitcher is a flower filled with nectar. Kind of mean Huh!

Some pitcher plants also use nectar to lure bugs to it and put off a sweet smell. These pitchers have a flap, or flange, lined with a trial of nectar that pulls them deeper into the plant. Once inside, the bugs are trapped, and the plant digests them. Yummy!

The interior walls of pitcher plants are coated with a slippery substance. Very slippery and waxlike that flakes off as bugs struggle to climb up to escape.. Some pitchers' inside walls have hair like spears that grow downward making getting out difficult for the bugs. The pitchers of this plant contain a liquid called phytotelma at the bottom if it.

This liquid gets the bugs wings wet which prevents the bug from flying away. As the bugs struggle while trying to escape, their movements stimulate the plant, and some pitcher plants releases digestive acids.

Once the bugs are dead, both the plants digestive acids and bacteria inside the pitcher start to dissolve the bugs just like stomach acid in humans.

Tropical pitcher plant

Pitcher Plant Care, Tropical Plant Care

Nepenthes ventricosa "Tropical Pitcher Plant"

This is one of the easiest tropical pitcher plants to grow and quite the exotic indoor house plants varieties to have.

Tropical pitcher plant is native to the Philippines is perfectly suited for any windowsill that you may want to grow it in. In the tropical rainforest, the pitchers attract insects. Once they crawl in, they never get out. Kid of like those roach motels. Full sun to partial sun is required to grow with even moisture using distilled, filtered or rain water.

Pitcher Plant Care and tropical plant care in general is simple don’t let them dry out completely and you will see leaf tips start to form. Once they stat to produce their peculiar flowers this unusual house plants look great growing from a hanging pot. And believe it or not, for optimum houseplant care it has been said that if you feed it crickets this will enhance growth.

Hardy to Zones are 10 and higher for outdoors.

Full or partial sun, grows to 6-9" in container, minimum temperature indoors 60°.

hope the house plants pictures of these exotic house plants will help you in identifying hose plants like these in the future.

Here Are Some Other Pitcher Plants

Tropical Pitcher Plant

This is the Cobra Lily also Know As The California Picter Plant

Tropical Pitcher Plant

American Pitcher Plant

Tropical pitcher plant

Nepenthes Fusca

Tropical pitcher plant

Tropical pitcher plant

Tropical pitcher plant

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