Tropical Trumpet Tree and Its Colors!

trumpet tree

The Tropical Trumpet Tree...
The showy clusters of large rosy-pink trumpets with yellow throats for the Pink trumpet and the stunning golden yellow trumpets for the golden trumpet tree, show why these trees are both masses of dense color and beauty.

Their beautiful spreading canopy makes an excellent lawn tree or flowering accent, and can even be grown in a pot on a balcony or porch and it will just as happy as if it was being grown in the groud.

This Attractive foliage is semi-evergreen and are so beautiful when in full bloom, you will stand in awe looking at these Bright and colorful specimens!

The Pink is also known as Tabebuia impetiginosa and the Golden trumpet tree known as Tabebuia chrysotricha.

Don’t get them confused with an angle trumpet , the angel trumpets have a much larger bell type of flower that I will be showing you on another page

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Once you see them in bloom you will agree with me that these two magnificent trees are absolutely stunning.

Tabebuia impetiginosa and Tabebuia chrysotricha are one of the most spectacular blooming trees in the world.

The Pink and the Golden trees will loose its leaves during the winter and right after will burst with flowers (mature trees).

The care is easy. A little dryer during the winter and a little moist during the rest of the year.

Start to fertilize after the new leaves emerge.

Don't fertilize during the winter. They don't need much trimming, but the best time to do it is right after the flowers finish dropping if its necessary.

trumpet tree

Arent They Just Beautiful!!

Both of these are the same as far as growth and where they need to be planted.

They both grow best when planted in Hardness zones 9-11

The Golden Trumpet Tree

Is an ideal patio, garden or a lawn tree because of its full rich color that it brings to your yard.

It is often seen as a small, 15 to 25-foottall tree but can reach 50 feet, with a rounded, spreading canopy in a wind-protected area.

Sometimes evergreen but most often deciduous, it has four-inch-long silvery leaves with tan, fuzzy undersides.

These leaves drop for a short period in April to May, and it is at this time that the trees put on their heaviest flowering display, the trumpet-shaped, bright yellow blossoms appearing in dense 2.5 to 8-inch-long terminal clusters.

Some trees will produce a small number of flowers sporadically throughout the warm season.

The eight-inch-long seed capsules which follow are brown, hairy, and persist on the tree through the winter.

The Pink Tabebuia impetiginosa produces a wonderful specimen of a dazzling tree.

Reaching a height of 50 feet and is covered with terminal panicles of pink to rose-purple, two-inch wide, showy blossoms in spring.

There are few if any other flowering trees which can match the beauty of this tree in bloom!

Its flowers stand out nicely because there are no leaves on the tree during the time it flowers.

They contrast nicely against the light grey bark. The compound leaves bear five leaflets, each about two-and-one-half inches long.

trumper tree

trumpet tree

trumpet tree

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