The Yummy Vanilla Orchids

vanilla orchids

Those Yummy Vanilla Orchids....what would we do without them? Learn about growing vanilla orchid plants and its orchid species and taking care of orchids, proper orchid care instructions and its beautiful benefit, wonderful smelling and tasting vanilla.

In my opinion the best vanilla extract is the Mexican Vanilla and for good reason, it was discovered during the 16th century by Aztec Indians. All I can say is Thank Goodness! If you have tasted it or baked with it you’ll taste a Big difference.

It is documented that the vanilla bean plant was given by Emperor Montezuma to the Spanish Conquistadors in 1518 and brought to Europe.

At that point it was introduced to European royalty because of its exquisite taste that came from such a beautiful plant. Once in Europe it made its way into the kitchens where it was used enhance the flavor of the cocoa otherwise known as chocolate.

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vanilla orchids

Orchids For Sale

Buy these incredible orchids to grow in your own garden and amaze your friends and family with the fact that you can actually grow your own vanilla!

vanilla orchids

vanilla orchids

vanilla orchids

Mexican Orchids

vanilla orchids

vanilla orchids

vanilla orchid

Vanilla is also very popular in candles.

Make your home smell sweet as if you’ve been baking coolies all day with vanilla scented candles to fill your home with the cozy smell of vanilla!

It's also very popular in lotions and perfumes

If you really want to smell good, try vanilla lotions and body sprays and see how many compliments you get.

The Orchid Species & Vanilla orchid care tips

There is something rather exciting about growing your own vanilla plant.

This exotic and beautiful orchid is not the easiest orchid to grow because of the care and constant up keep.

You need to create a humid environment, you can grow it in a pot as a house plant, or you can grow it outdoors if you live in humid areas.

Plants like this vanilla plant need a very organic soil. Vitamins and moisture help duplicate its natural environment. don’t soak the soil and don’t allow it to dry out, find a happy medium that has a constant moistness.

These Orchids do very well if they get direct sunlight for only the early part of the day.

I always use a bamboo post, help the orchids grow straight and not fall over, they really need the support because they grow so tall.

The pods of this orchid look like long thick swerve plant leaves. The vanilla seed pods are what make vanilla.

These are climbing orchids, the vanilla orchid is both terrestrial and epiphytic, and can grow on trees or bark and in the soil.

It is a rewarding experience to grow your own vanilla, and have it produce gorgeous sweet pale yellow to green orchid flowers and hopefully the famous vanilla bean.

This Orchid is very easy yet challenging to grow in the garden and I think well worth the effort that needs to be put into them.

Good Luck and I hope you are successful in growing this great plant!

Vanda Facts

It was the French who started to cultivate this bean in a major way as you know the French have a way with pastries and sweets so it was just incorporated into their recipes.

The Vanilla orchid are epiphytic orchids which means it’s an air plant and doesn’t need to be grown in soil, and lives in the humid rain forests, and grows as a vine. The vines length can grow as long as 30 feet, and this orchid plant wont mature for many, many years.

vanda orchids

vanilla orchids

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