The Voodoo Lily

Voodoo Lily

Also Known as Amorphophallus Konjac & Amorphophallus Bulbifer

Amorphophallus Bulbifer the Voodoo Lily is probably one of the most beautiful yet frightful flower, or plant you will ever see and definitely you wont see it n a bouquet or floral arrangement, and you can't find a florist who sells these flowers.

When researching the Corpse Flower there is a lot of conflicting facts I found that through my research that even though these other countries have their myths and stories about this mysterious plant there is only one place that it grows in the wild and that’s the Indonesian rainforest.

Which one is actually true? I'm hoping to find out with more research.

It has many names in different regions for instance the Greeks call it “drakondea” or translated means dragon flower. It is also know as the voodoo lily, stink lily, devil’s tongue, black dragon or dragon lily. All which fit this mysterious plant.

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 Voodoo Lily

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 Voodoo Lily

 Voodoo Lily

 Voodoo Lily

 Voodoo Lily

This dark and exotic flower has a purple looking tongue that shoots out for the center of this deep purple almost black lining form the center for this bizarre flower that can be from 10 to 53 inches long. It blooms in May or June for only a 24 to 48-hour period.

That is a huge flower!

None of amorphophallus konjac plants are found in the Americas although there is some very similar but not closely related genus,

This species are endemic. They grow preferably on unstable soil, which when looking at this extraordinary plant wanting to grow on disturbed soil is well suited for this flower.

 Voodoo Lily

 Voodoo Lily

These rare flowers called the Voodoo lily and it is known for being the largest flower produced in the botanical world but it is also well know for its horrible even gut wrenching smell.

It smells like a corpse which is here it gets the nick name Corpse Flower, which the smell lures in pollinating bugs tricking them in to pollinating this grossly strange flower.

It is native to the Mediterranean on the isle of Crete, which is where myths are created with the legends of where strange myths and monsters reside, which after you look at this peculiar flower it all makes sense.

I always wondered why, after hearing a description of these plants, and its creepy appearance why would anyone ever buy one of these plants or even want to grow one.

But after seeing one and because of its unusually showy look I can now understand why, it definitely adds uniqueness and exoticness to any garden when some one sees them in your tropical garden they will be amazed and quotes flower of similar varieties.

Although it grows well in hardiness zones of 8-11, it also grows perfectly well in zone 6 but only if it is kept in full sunshine and in a wind protected area. It’s actually grown best in hothouse, or greenhouse

These rare tropical flowers prefer a rich nutrient soil. New tubers are split and re-planted in spring or autumn this is also a good time to transplant your established voodoo lily if you wish to move it to another section of your garden.

Keep the soil moist but do not over-water them, these plants are used to dry, well-drained climates and strong sunlight, and over watering will definitely cause the plats roots to rot killing the plant. This plant is too special and rare so be careful with it.

 Voodoo Lily

 Voodoo Lily

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