Will Pineapple Lilies grow in Australia?

Yellow Pineapple Lily Flowers.

Yellow Pineapple Lily Flowers.

Yellow Pineapple Lily Flowers.
These exotic flowers are Pineapple Lily

I was wondering if pineapple lillies grow well in Australia. I am interested in growing them. I live on the east coast of Australia in a generally warm climate.

Also would you know where would be the best place to get them from.


Hi Nicole
I believe you will have no problem at all growing pineapple lily, they are actually one of my favorites...
If you want to learn more about growing them and purchase them for your garden Click Here to go to my pineapple lily page. These rare Flowers can be hard to get but I do have a few for sale

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!


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