Tropical Windmill Palm Trees

Tropical Windmill Palm Trees

Windmill Palm Trees, You'll love the beauty and regal presence of this Tropical Palm Tree such as the Chinese windmill palm which is one of the easiest palm tree species to grow because they need very little care.

Better yet the Chinese windmill palm are cold hardy Tropical palms which means that they can grow just about anywhere even in colder non sub tropical climates!

The growth of windmill palm trees... These beautiful palm trees species they can grow as tall as 40 feet and become very statuesque.

You will need to take care when it comes to where you will plant it. You will need to think ahead and anticipate the growth to make sure when it gets taller it won’t hit the eves on your home and remember that palm trees and power lines aren’t a good combination. So look up at what it may potentially grow into to save yourself some troubles down the road.

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Tropical Windmill Palm Trees

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These palm trees are perfect for just about any spot you choose to grow them, they’re perfect in any garden for that exotic tropical look or great for parks or places where they wont get much attention.

Beautiful Windmill Palm Trees Species

One way to tell if the palm tree is male or female is during the summer months the female palm will grow large green flowers and the male palm will produce large yellow flowers but during the autumn months they will produce an inedible fruit if they get pollinated.

7' Windmill Palm - Medium Palm Tree

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4' Windmill Palm - Small Palm Tree

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Windmill Palm - Seeds

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You should always use a palm tree fertilizer that has a mixture of potassium which prevents brown tips, magnesium, manganese, and iron which are all very beneficial to your palm tree

Grow them in either a shaded area or partial sun, or grow them in full sun the will do fine in either area and they’re also great for small areas because they don’t spread wide and they are slow growers.

The Windmill grows best in zones 8 through 11, in costal states.

Like all palm trees when they are first planted you will need to make sure to water at least once a day until the plant has become established, then gradually cut back on the watering down to one or two days a week during the summer and in the winter depending on how much it rains where you live usually once to twice a month is all you will need to water.

Tropical Windmill Palm Trees

Tropical Windmill Palm Trees

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