Wisteria Trees, Tropical and Extremely Beautiful

Wisteria Tree

The Wisteria Tree one of the most beautiful trees with purple flowers and white wisteria flowers that I know of, and is absolutely one of my favorites.

If you are growing Wisteria or Wisteria vines, learning wisteria care or pruning wisteria and want to achieve an exotic and tropical look to your garden this is the tree to purchase especially the japanese wisteria learn the proper care of wisteria and wisteria seed pods to achieve the healthiest plants ever. The same goes for the wisteria bonsai plant.

Buy wisteria trees or wisteria vines and wisteria pergola to grow them on online today to make your tropical garden exotic looking with the deep green leaves and beautiful clusters of purple and lavender flowers that gracefully adorn your garden from the wisteria plant.

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Wistera Tree

Japanese Wisteria, Wisteria Vines and Wisteria Trees

If you are looking to add color as well as a magnificent looking tree, then buy one of these wisteria's to grow in your garden to add a tropical elegance to your landscape and flowerbeds.


from: Fast Growing Trees Nursery

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Wisteria Tree

Growing Wisteria, Wisteria Care & Pruning Wisteria

One of the things I love about the tree wisteria is that it is easy to grow, easy wisteria propagation and it is able to adapt to most all soil types.

Its magnificent blooms will reach up to 12 inches long and my favorite besides the purple flowers it the incredible scent that is like no other fragrant flowers.

Your wisteria plant will grow best and quite vigorously if they receive ample amounts of sunshine which means it should receive between 5 to 6 hours a day.

Wisterias always need to have support to hold them upright until they become fully established the blooms can be quite heavy and cause them to topple over and if it gets windy its a guarantee they’ll fall over if not secured by a stake put deeply into the ground for support.

Care of Wisteria consist first you will need to keep the soil moist and allow the soil to get saturated between watering, about once a week.

When it comes to fertilizing your wisteria plants require very little yet I personally would give a small dose at the beginning of the spring of 5-10-10 or 5-10-5 fertilizer to help it along for the blooming season.

I love these tropical looking trees and wisteria vine are so colorful and spectacular and when in full bloom will take your breath away, they’re absolutely beautiful as you'll see from the photos of wisteria below.

The Wisteria tree will attract many butterflies and has one of the flowers that also attract hummingbirds with its fragrant blooms which are perfect trees for any garden landscape.

As a little girl my neighbors had wisteria plants that draped into our back yard I think it was the wisteria macrostachya and I can remember literally dozens of hummingbirds hovering around it every summer.

Last thing to remember is that the wisteria needs to be pruned especially at the beginning of the fall before winter kicks in.

Lastly and most important, just remember to enjoy these beautiful flowers while in bloom, once they’re gone you miss them and will become impatient for spring to come so you can enjoy them again!

Wisteria Tree

Wisteria Tree

Wisteria Tree

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