About Me

Hello and Welcome to my Tropical web site… I hope you will enjoy it and all that I have brought to you!

About Me….My Name is Diantha and I created this Web Site about Tropical plants flowers and decor because it’s my passion.

I wanted to introduce myself to you, my visitors, let you know about and give you an idea how and why this web site was created, and let you get to know me.


I wanted to be able to pass this love on and help people decorate their homes and gardens to look and feel as if you were on the Big Island itself or at some Polynesian get away!


Ever since I was a young girl I always loved the beach, flowers and decorating. I even loved my clothes to have a Hawaiian print on them even if it was a boys T- shirt, especially the hang ten boys T-shirts I wore them all the time!

I grew up near the beach in California and was the youngest of 6 girls, although my sisters were much older than me (and yes all from the same mother and father) the next one above me in age was almost 8 years older then 17 years, 19, 21, and 23 years older than me.

Here’s the fun part that makes sense for why I love flowers and anything associated with the tropics, I guess it was kind of destiny.

All of us girls are named after flowers… Starting from the oldest there is Rose, Violette, Daisy, Iris, Viola, and then me Diantha.

My mother really preferred the flower Dianthus but couldn’t pronounce it properly, the alternative was Petunia.

Yikes what were they thinking? Luckily my mothers father was Greek and she found that the name Diantha was the Greek Goddess of all flowers, so technically I rule over my older sisters, they just haven’t caught on that I’m in charge yet!!!

My parents who were deaf, and what a blessing being raised by deaf parents, had quite the sense of humor because if they ever had a boy they would have named him Bud.

I definitely inherited that sense of humor and so did my sisters, if you look closely at my site every here and there you’ll find something funny or out of place because of my quirkiness and sense of humor.


As you can see from the picture of me, in the background that wall is in my back yard, I painted a mural of palm trees, the pier and a surfer to make it more tropical yet fun.

I’ll show the full mural on another page! I truly love having the beach and tropical things around it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

I am a single mother of 4 boys and have been happily single for 16 years. They are 29, 27, 22 and 16 and I am so blessed to have such wonderful men in my life that are loving and respectful.


They Love how I have decorated the house and garden although they say I sometimes go overboard when I cross the line in their bedrooms and add a tropical flair to it here and there, sometimes with things too feminine, but luckily they tolerate me because they know it makes me happy.


As long as I don’t try to put a pink dress on them or a hula skirt with coconut bikini tops they’re fine!

I started designing, decorating, and gardening many years ago and for a while was staging homes for realtors to sell and they all wanted me to add my tropical touch to help sell the homes here at the beach and surrounding areas. I can even make a contemporary home look tropical it’s real easy and can be real inexpensive to do or very expensive it all depends on you and how far you want to take it and if you have won the lottery or not!!


I was out of work for a year and like most having a very difficult time keeping mine and the boy’s heads above water. But I keep laughing, loving my children and know that every thing happens for a reason and things are always better at the end of it all.

But Thanks to my friend Annelie at Rose Gardening Made Easy, she helped me to get started on creating this site.

I really hope my site on tropical gardening and decor will help you to make some decisions on what to choose for your garden and show you beautiful and exotic, even fun items to decorate with.

If you need help or have any question about tropical plants or decor, you can Contact Me Directly Here.

I like to help you and will personally answer your questions.

Keep checking in to see what new page I have added each day!

Remember life goes by fast so Laugh out loud, be kind to others and love your family and friends as much as you can!

This is a picture of me and my sisters, I’m the cute little one in the middle but what’s funny about this picture is I wasn’t even born when it was taken.

I was super-imposed into the center of this picture by my sister who had it done for all us sisters after our mother passed away. I don’t think I was born until 4 years later.

Top Left is Daisy Top right Iris, bottom left Violette and bottom right Rose, then bottom center is Viola, then me right smack in the middle.


Love You all and miss you very much !


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