Tropical Bamboo Tiki Torches, Metal, Natural Gas, Copper, Solar, Tabletop Tiki Torches and More!

Tropical Bamboo Tiki Torches…

This is where you will find the Best and Largest collection of Tiki Torches that bring an exotic look to your tropical garden like no other, it creates such a romantic and enchanting lighting effects that will leave you speechless.

You will find everything from metal tiki torches, natural gas tiki torches, copper tiki torches, exotic tabletop tiki torches, and energy saving solar tiki torches.

There are also the reliable propane tiki torches, classic looking stainless tiki torches, and if you’re lucky enough to have a gas line you can use gas tiki torches or lp gas tiki torches for the never ending glimmer of lighting in your garden.

Bamboo Torches the Perfect Garden Tiki Torch

Creating a tropical paradise in the comforts of your own home are so easy and starting with bamboo tiki torches or any type of tiki torch to set the ambiance in your own garden, You’ll Live The Look!


Metal Tiki Torches and Copper Tiki Torches

Metal tiki torches add a clean and beautiful look to the traditional rustic Hawaiian native look, durable and will last many years longer.

Natural Gas Tiki Torches

Create your own paradise right in the comforts of your home with these gas tiki torches.

Solar Tiki Torches the Safe Outdoor Torch

Solar tiki torches are Awesome! No fuss or worry about them lighting up your garden at night!

Tabletop Tiki Torches a fun Tropical Bamboo Tiki Torches for your Patio

I love these table top tiki torches and if you have a slump stone of brick wall they look great on top of them really creating the most tropical and exotic atmosphere!

Tiki Torch Fuel & Tiki Torch Wicks

Always be prepared because you will eventually run out of tiki fuel and wicks and you don’t want it to be at the worst possible time, when you are having a party or guest and family over.

My favorite garden tiki torch that I personally use are the bamboo torches that use citronella Tiki torch fuel, so it not only lights up my garden but it helps keep the bugs away.

So bring the exotic look of the Caribbean, Hawaii and the Tropics and see the beauty of tiki torches at twilight and all although the evening that will give an exotic ambiance to your Luau or just for a quiet night enjoying your own tropical getaway in your own back yard!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to stock up on tiki torch wicks and tiki torch fuel to keep the fire burning all night long unless you have solar tiki torch then no worries!

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