10 Tropical Silk Flowers to Get for Different Occasions

Tropical silk flowers are the artificial and most realistic versions of the exotic flowers we love. But they are no less beautiful or colorful. However, regardless of their artificial nature, they bring life and exquisite gorgeousness to decorations and events, be it a proposal, family dinner, or wedding.

Here is our list of ten tropical silk flowers you can purchase for your occasions.

Bird of Paradise

These flower heads consist of silk, plastic, latex, and an iron stem but are easy to bend. All the flowers are beautiful. Moreover, they do well as a centerpiece, office décor, or table flowers.

Purple Blue Orchid Stems

These purple-blue orchids are 90% Silk and 10% Plastic. Notwithstanding, the stems are easy to bend and cut. Additionally, you can use them for wedding bouquets, centerpieces, table flowers, wedding projects, home decoration, and bridal showers.

Gradient Silk Orchid Flowers Heads

These white silk flowers are ideal for weddings as backdrops, floor petals, and gradient decors. Additionally, you could also use it for engagements and proposals.

White Silk Flower 

These silk flowers look real, like a fresh flower with its silky stem, flower blooms, and buds. They come in a beautiful aesthetic white color in a pastel tone rather than stronger color.

Phalaenopsis Heads

These Phalaenopsis heads originate from soft, high-quality silk and plastic to appear as natural as possible. The variations of pink and yellow wreaths create vibrancy. These artificial butterfly flower heads are easy to trim to size. They are also ideal for creating bouquets, centerpieces, and floral embellishments.

Heads of Rose, Daisies, and Plum Blossoms

This creation comprises 100 pieces of various flowers, including 20 roses, 40 daisies, and 40 plum blossoms. You can keep these silk flowers for a long time or use them as a collection because their petals are smooth and their structure is sturdy, so they won’t quickly fall apart or fade.

Silk Hibiscus

Tropical artificial Hibiscus flowers are ideal for Hawaiian-themed parties, birthday parties, graduations, luau party decorations, picture shoots, beach parties, or any holiday party for your guests.

Garland Rose Vine

The flowers consist of high-quality fabric, and the vine is made of flexible plastic; they are resistant to fading and will retain their beauty year on year. They make perfect wedding cake decorations, table centerpieces, corsages, wreaths, and other home decors.

Mini Rose-Daisies

Creatively refresh the room by filling the vase with these mini rose daisies to provide a touch of nature. However, you will need over 70 stem pieces of each flower for proper decor. They are also a beautiful setting for a romantic dinner, date, wedding night, and birthday decoration.

Pink Peonies

These flowers originate from high-quality silk fabric and are non-hazardous. Luxurious to the touch and created to imitate the look and feel of fresh flowers!


Finally, getting real tropical flowers like Amaryllis Hippeastrum and Anthurium Andraeanum for your occasions may be rather far-fetched with enormous drawbacks. So, why bother when you could always get tropical silk flowers instead? Get you some tropical silk flowers for your event today!

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