Top Ten Tropical Rugs to Get

Quality rugs can completely transform the look and feel of your living room. For example, choosing bright colors will quickly liven up the space and set a playful tone.

In this guide, we’ve selected the ten best tropical area rugs to give your house an all-out beachy decor. Thus, consider picking any of these to change the room’s overall feel in good taste.

Top Ten Best Tropical Rugs 

The variety of colors, prints, sizes, and materials makes the rug selection process more exciting. Plus, you get to fine-tune the final look of your living and tell a story at the same time. So, here are the ten best choices for such a task.

1.  Brumlow Mills Flower Floral Area Rug

This popular product comes from a renowned US family owned-brand. Also, they’ve been around for more than 75 years as of 2022.

In practice, the rug is sleek and low-pile, thus easy to clean and set up. On a related note, its non-latex rubber backing keeps it from sliding back and swerving. On top of that, it is machine washable, which is a huge pro for many. Hence, this rug tops the list both in terms of aesthetics and ease of use.

2.  JONATHAN Y AMC100B-3 Tropics Palm Leaves Rug

This rug’s design has a vibrant color scheme of blueberry red, orange, yellow, and sea turquoise, making it the ideal tropical rug. It comprises low-pile synthetic fibers that are tough enough for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, laundry room, or hallway. Also, the synthetic fibers are resistant to UV fading. Similarly, the rug is pet-friendly and will not pile dirt, and you can easily clean up the spills. As for the fibers, this product comprises machine-woven material. Thus, it is durable and will not shed fluff after regular use.

Furthermore, it is simple to maintain. However, remember to turn off the scraper bars on your vacuum so as not to damage it. For stains, apply mild soap, then carefully rinse. To keep grit from breaking down the fibers, vacuum and sweep regularly.

3.  Liora Manne Marina Tropical Rug

This beautiful carpet can enrich your patio, deck, or porch with bright summer vibes. You can also use it to add an elegant touch to your cooking area, bathroom, and other indoor spaces. The Marina tropical leaf rug has a cozy surface, fantastic color, and a long life span. Plus, it’s weatherproof and UV solidified for extra longevity. As such, this durable rug resists stains and will keep the original color for a long time.

Naturally, limited exposure to rain, humidity, and direct sunlight will also extend the mat’s longevity. The rug is also simple to maintain, as regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are all it takes.

4.  GENIMO Outdoor Rug

The GENIMO outdoor rug is one of the coziest mats on this list. Aside from its extra-soft surface, maintaining it is a breeze due to the finely woven plastic fibers. On top of that, the rug is also water resistant. So, you can sweep away dirt with a water solution, and the breathable design allows it to air dry in minutes.

This lightweight rug is collapsible and comes with a hauling bag for better utility. As a result, you can easily relocate it or pack it for a picnic. Moreover, this rug can withstand all four seasons. Therefore, use it to protect your family from allergens and relax outside whenever you feel like it.

5.  YEAHSPACE Palm Tree Leaf Rug

YEAHSPACE continues its streak with another hit product. This fancy design works in many scenarios, be it in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or in a kid’s playroom. The round rug has a diameter of 40 inches and a practically non-shedding 0.5-inch thick pile. Also, it has an anti-slip bottom to keep it in place and prevent slipping. Lastly, the rug is available in various colors to complement your décor.

6. STARUIA Leaf Shaped Bathroom Rug

The green STARUIA Leaf Shaped Bathroom Rug has a non-slip rubber and polyester backing. Hence, it’s really difficult to lose your balance while walking on this mat. Plus, it’s 0.4 inches thick, with medium water moisture absorption. Furthermore, the rug is machine washable, and it’s best to select a gentle cycle in cold water when doing so.

7.  SAFAVIEH Barbados Tropical Floral Indoor/ Outdoor Rug

For over a century, SAFAVIEH upkeeps a successful market reign. Currently, the brand offers over 100,000 product lines, proving its craft in creating trendy, high-quality styles. The tropical floral rug is skillfully machine-woven from stain, weather, and UV-resistant synthetic fibers. They also have a non-shedding 0.25-inch thick pile, making this a great choice for when hosting parties. Later, you can quickly rinse it with a hose and let it dry in the sun.

8.  LIVILAN Green Leaf Tropical Bathroom Rug 

This pink flamingo-inspired design is fitting for the main suite, hotel shower room, and any poolside area. The PVC dots on the leaves bath mat keep it from slipping. Also, the bath mat has thousands of microfibers that absorb water quickly, keeping your bathroom floor clean and dry. Similarly, it dries very quickly due to the memory foam. To clean it, you can use a washing machine bath mat and select the “tumble dry low” program.

9.  Summer Exotic Jungle Tropical Palm Tree Rug

The carpet comprises 100% polyester fiber, with soft and non-woven fabric on the blanket’s lower surface. Eco-friendly materials make the rug slip-resistant, non-fading, non-shedding, water-absorbing, and long-lasting. The rug is suitable for all floors, providing an extra layer of texture. Also, its slip-preventing underside makes it perfect as a doormat, bathroom carpet, or yoga mat.

10.  nuLOOM Hannah Floral Indoor/Outdoor Rug

This flexible Chinese rug is made from high-quality and durable synthetic fibers. Generally, people often position it on decks, patios, and balconies. The rug pile height is sleek and practical, meaning you can set it anywhere without blocking doorways. It’s also waterproof and straightforward to maintain. It is important to note that the rug may have temporary creases once you unpack it. So, please allow time for the wrinkles to straighten over the next few days.

Final Thoughts

Adding new tropical rugs is a great way to introduce party vibes in any indoor or outdoor area. Plus, we ensured to select only the products that are easy to clean and work great even as parts of the decor. If you are unsure which rug to use, any of these top ten tropical rugs will suffice.

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