Tropical Evergreen Plants

evergreen plants

Are you looking for tropical evergreen plants to put into your exotic tropical garden? These plant are usually very easy to care for which is what I usually look for when planting.

Did you know there are evergreen ground cover plants, types of evergreen trees, evergreen bushes, flowering evergreen shrubs and dwarf evergreen shrubs that are tropical? I’ll give you a list of unusual and exotic plants to help you with choices for your garden.

Almost all plants, trees and even many flowers are considered to be evergreen plants because of the fact that the leafs stay green all year round, viewing my site will help you with identifying evergreen shrubs, plants and trees and will definately aid with your evergreen landscaping.

Most tropical rainforest plants are evergreens. Its always so green and lush in tropical rainforest and islands in the tropics.

I'll be sharing with you my favorite types of tropical plants even exotic flowering plants that will make your garden a tropical retreat!

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evergrren plants

Plants and Evergreen Trees For Sale

African Violet Plants

Here is where you tropical plants flowers and decorwill find an array of the most beautiful and healthy violet plants to buy and grow in your home and all the vitamins and fertilizers you will need to produce and abundance of beautiful flowers.

Asplenium Nidus aka Birds Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern tropical plants flowers and decoris one of my favorite epiphytic ferns that are so beautiful, tropical and has a look like no other fern, perfect if you are looking for an exotic tropical look for your garden or in your home.

Bougainvillea Plant

This is where you will find tropical plants flowers and decor a variety of colors in Bougainvillea plants that are effortless to grow and they create a beautiful and colorful tropical evergreen look for your garden all year round.

Croton Plant

These tropical evergreen tropical plants flowers and decorplants are amazing and can be grown indoors as well as out the color and texture is a tropical plant lovers dream come true and they are so easy to grow.

Cordyline Australis

These tropical’s are perfect tropical plants flowers and decorwhen you are looking to add some texture and diversity to your tropical gardens and they come in a large variety of colors to brighten your home and garden.

Chinese Hat

Don’t let the name fool tropical plants flowers and decoryou; this is a tropical evergreen plants with colorful and unique blooms that bring a beautiful look to your garden.

Dumb Cane

This rainforest plant tropical plants flowers and decorover a hundred years ago was introduced as tropical house plant and has become one of the most popular common house plants because of its adaptability.

Evergreen Shrubs

This is where you will tropical plants flowers and decorfind all the most beautiful tropical evergreen shrubs for your lush tropical gardens and homes. Ranging from flowering evergreens to the lush evergreen, where you are guaranteed greenery year after year.

Elephant Ear Plants

If you want Tropical you tropical plants flowers and decorgot it! with this extremely exotic tropical jungle like plants, with its Large feaves perfect for creating a tropical oasis in your own backyard!

Ensete Ventricosum

Relative to the more tropical plants flowers and decorfamiliar edible banana tree, is great for landscaping used in subtropical climates around the world. Banan Trees are perfect when looking for an exotic and tropical look to add to your garden.

Jasmine Plants and Flowers

The jasmine no matter tropical plants flowers and decorwhat species you get is perfect for an aromatic garden guaranteed to bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your tropical garden.

Rubber Plant or Ficus Elastica

This plant became more tropical plants flowers and decorrecognized because of the the song but for us tropical plant lovers we know they are the perfect addition to any tropical garden and so easy to grow.

Spider Plants

These are a very recognizable tropical plants flowers and decoras a popular house plant grown in almost every home and that like the energizer bunny it keeps going and going and going, this is a very hard to kill plant, perfect for those of us who can't give a plant a lot of attention!

Synsepalum Dulcificum Plant

For those of you who tropical plants flowers and decorwant to grow this unique tropical fruit tree well, here's your chance. Luckily I found some growers for you so now you will be able to purchase and grow them in your own home.

Palm Trees

Find just about every tropical plants flowers and decorpalm tree under the sun to adorn your home or tropical garden with that unmistakable tropical look to your garden also learn information on how to grow each.

evergrren plants

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 Evergreen Plants

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