Exotic Flower Guide

Exotic Flower Guide

Here you'll find my exotic flower guide with a variety of tropical pictures of exotic flowers and exotic flower name to give you ideas so you can create the most beautiful and unique exotic flower arrangements for a tropical wedding or just to put in a vase in your home.

You will also have fun learning about and seeing a list of exotic flowers, tropical flower pictures and tropical garden plants that you may have never seen before to add that Wow factor to your tropical flower garden!

Some of these are so exotic looking that you will think they were artifical tropical flowers.

All Types of Flowers bring warmth and beauty to our homes inside and out with the variety of colors, shapes and textures that without them our gardens would be just green and very bland.

Lets not forget to mention the visual pleasure we get from them, I guess you can call it an Ahhhhh moment when the beauty of them literally stops you in your tracks to cause you to (as the old saying goes) stop and smell the flowers.
Anything that makes us stop, even for a minute to forget the stress of every day life and enjoy the beauty that nature gives us is worth any effort we put into our gardening.

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List Of Exotic Flowers and
Different Type of Flowers

Below is my exotic flower guide of Flowering Plant Identification To help you learn about different type of flowers & exotic flowers... Just Click on the Links to purchase these flowers online

Amaranthys Plant

Buy the Tropical and tropical plants flowers and decorincredibly beautiful, yet exotic looking Amaranthus Spinosus and Amaranthus Caudatus, easy to grow and add such an exotic tropical feel to your garden with deep vibrant colors.

Anthurium Plant

Purchase these beautiful tropical plants flowers and decoranthurium flowers that are grown as exotic house plants in a variety of colors seen in many homes and offices everywhere.

Aplinia Purpurata

If you are looking tropical plants flowers and decorfor an extremely exotic and tropical flower this is the one for you, choose form the best selection.

Bat Plant

These are very tropical plants flowers and decormysterious and exotic flowers I guarantee they will be an obsession of your guest, they’re so intriguing yet beautiful, you just can't take your eyes off them.

Exotic Bird Of Paradise Plant

These plants are tropical plants flowers and decorcommon in some costal areas but widely loved, they add a beautiful tropical touch to any garden with bright orange flowers and long green leafs.

Black Viola Flowers

Not just an ordinary tropical plants flowers and decorviola flower. These are extremely exotic and rare flowers that will add the wow factor to your garden.

Calathea Plant aka Rattlesnake flower

Calathea plant is tropical plants flowers and decorusually grown for its highly intricate leaves and its exotic unique looking flowers that are a staple for unique and exotic tropical flower arrangements.

Canna Lilies

I love these Canna tropical plants flowers and decorLilly flowers and I have gathered the best variety of colors of this tropical beauty for you to grow and enjoy in your garden.

Chenille Plant

The beautiful red tropical plants flowers and decorfuzzy blooms on this fascinating plant is admired to those lucky enough to see or grow them; don’t you want to be one of the lucky ones?

Curcuma Plant

The Curcuma flower is tropical plants flowers and decorso unique and beautiful, a quick reminder of the tropics, this exotic flower will brighten your garden all summer long.

Calla Lilys

Who doesn’t love the tropical plants flowers and decorCalla Lily flowers, I have provided them to you in a large variety of colors for you to grow in your tropical garden that will come back year after year.

Celosia Flower

Add a spectacular array tropical plants flowers and decorof color and texture to your tropical garden, from feathery soft plumes to beautiful detailed gorgeous Cockscomb with the Celosia Flower.

Etlingera Elaitor aka Torch ginger

The torch ginger is tropical plants flowers and decora very detailed and beautiful Hawaiian tropical flower used in arrangements and in tropical décor throughout homes everywhere.

Fritillaria Imperialis

These incredibly tropical plants flowers and decorshowy tropical flowers can reach an impressive 5 feet tall, buy these to grow in your tropical garden and create an exotic look and one of my personal favorites on my Exotic Flower Guide.

Four O Clock flowers

Exotic great smelling tropical plants flowers and decorbeauty the four o clock flowers have become more popular and is starting to be grown more widely, so buy some today!

Flowering Maple

This tropical plant tropical plants flowers and decorand its exotic flowers are perfect for any garden or even as a house plant for your home what makes them more desirable is that you don't see them very often.


Grow these flowers tropical plants flowers and decorin your tropical garden and I guarantee it will make it smell like heaven with its pure white flowers and deep shiny green leafs!

Exotic Ginger

These pineapple shaped tropical plants flowers and decorstructures are very prominent and make a dramatic splash to any shady part of a tropical garden with dramatic colors, so Tropical and Beautiful!

Heliconia Flower

The heliconia shrub tropical plants flowers and decoris among the fast expanding groups of ornamental plants and flower especially tropical exotic flowers buy some for your home today!

Hydrangea Care and Growing Hydrangeas

Buy and Learn everything tropical plants flowers and decoryou need to know about Hydrangea Care & how growing hydrangea with a big choice of colors to guarentee you'll find exactly waht your ar looking for, also learn how to grow them.

Tibouchina Urvilleana Flower

Breathtaking purple tropical plants flowers and decorflowers and soft hairy leaves add interest and a burst of color to any landscape that really stands out when its in bloom to give your tropical garden that definite wow factor.

Kniphofia Uvaria aka Red Hot Poker Plant

Buy and Learn tropical plants flowers and decoreverything you want to know about the Kniphofia Uvaria plants and its remarkable flowers to grow in your garden for a real Tropical Look!

Lotus Flower

Beautiful and exotic tropical plants flowers and decortropical water garden plants that yes, you too can grow in your own backyard, the perfect topical and exotic look that will WoW your family.

Protea Flowers

There are so many tropical plants flowers and decorexotic protea flowers and its seeds to choose from in my Exotic Flower Guide to grow in your garden bed, planters or on your patio and I have brought them all to you for the most exotic look you could possibly grow.

Also very important the fragrance they give that drifts through our gardens and homes the smell along with the brightly colored flowers makes our own private tropical exotic getaway back yards that more pleasurable!

Keep an eye out, I'll be adding more to my list of exotic flowers!

exotic flower guide


exotic flower guide

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Exotic Flower Guide
Exotic Flower Guide

exotic flower guide

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