Artificial Grass for Dogs

If you are thinking to bring artificial grass for dogs and other pets, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn a simple installation process of fake grass and how you can clean it. Not to mention, you will also learn about the three best artificial grass for your yards, gardens, lawn, living rooms, and other places.

Installing Artificial Grass

The following are the simple steps to install fake grass for dogs.

Compact the Ground

You need to compact the ground with the help of roller or vibrating plate. Moreover, you can easily find these tools from any equipment hire centres or stores at lower prices.

Put Grass Edging

If you are using edging like timber, you need to put them on the ground. Make sure that the edging doesn’t get higher than the final artificial grass line.

Lay Stone or Sand Base

Lay down minimal 40mm of compact and sharp stone or sand. If you observe that your sand is too dry, add a small amount of wet sand.

Compact the Surface Again

Again take help from the roller or vibrating plate to compact the placed sand or stone base.

Roll Out Artificial Grass

First, you need to roll out your underlay; make sure to do it carefully. On top of that, roll out your artificial grass for dogs. While doing it, make sure that you are not hurting the weed underlay. Don’t forget that your grass has directional piles, so if you are joining several types of grass, you need to keep them in the same way.

Let the Grass Settle

Experts suggest that it’s best to let your fake grass settle for at least three hours. If you are not in a hurry, it’s even better to let it for overnight. This way, you can prevent your grass from creasing or wrinkling.

Trim the Edges

Once your fake grass is completely settled, it’s time for cutting and trimming. You need to use a sharp Stanley knife for this purpose.

Brush the Grass

Lastly, your grass may look extremely flat because of rolling up. This is why you need to brush against the pile to make the grass strands upright. Ta-da! Your grass is ready for your dog.

Best Artificial Grasses for Your Dog

Providing artificial grass to your pup is necessary, but choosing the right grass is even more vital. You can find a wide range of fake grass in the market. Here we have mentioned some best grasses for you that offer tons of advantages to you.

Bryophyte Eco Moss Plants

Artificial Grass Product
Bryophyte Eco Moss Plants is made from the high-quality PVC material; it is non-toxic, waterproof, harmless, and eco friendly. The best part is, it looks completely natural because of its realistic shape. You can also easily stick it to the ground. Don’t worry about the drying procedure, as it will not take too long to dry after installation. Apart from these features, it proves great for every area in your property, such as living room, garden, yards, and others.


  • Environment friendly
  • High-quality and durability
  • 15 pieces of 5.9X5.9
  • Realistic design, shape, and appearance
  • Easy installation

Prime turf Synthetic

Fake Grass to buy
This is another excellent option for you, which aims to save your time in maintaining your natural grass. In addition to it, this Prime turf Synthetic is also eco friendly and made from 100% PE material. It also comes with a perfect thickness of 10mm. You may get surprised to know that this artificial grass is SGS and lead-free certified. It also has wear resistant property which helps you use it for a longer time. The installation process is also easy, as you can cut it in your preferred shape and stick it to the ground.


  • Easy cleaning and maintaining
  • Quick installation
  • Wear-resistant
  • Easy cutting
  • Made form high-quality materials
  • warranty

Prime Turf

Prime Turf - Artificial Grass
This Prime Turf is the best solution to your problem of watering your grass for hours. Instead of spending 2 to 3 hours on watering, you can simply enjoy other activities. This is because this turf needs low maintenance and cleaning time. Like all the other grass, this one is also eco-friendly. Moreover, it offers you 300 mm thick turf, which has the composition of 100% PE materials. The best part is it looks like natural grass. The company has given the realistic tones and hues to it, forcing your canine to think of it as natural grass. This grass also has different layers of SRB latex, Bonar base cloth, and non-woven cloth to make it as effective as possible.


  • durable
  • environment friendly
  • comes with warranty
  • easy cutting and installation
  • quick leaning procedure
  • made form high-quality materials

How to Clean Fake Grass?

Cleaning the fake glass is pretty easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below to make your grass shine.
  • Remove leaves, dirt, and dust using the broom
  • Make an all-purpose cleaner in a bucket
  • Hose down the surface of fake grass
  • Apply the cleaner on it with a sponge mop
  • Rinse it with your hose
  • Again apply the cleaner and rinse
  • Let it air dry and then use a broom to make the grass blades in the upright position.
Installing and maintaining artificial grass for dogs is not that challenging. You only need to be bit careful while dealing with your grass, as the more precautions you will take, the longer lifespan it will have.

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