Get Rid Of Unwanted Weed with Roundup Weedkiller

Weeds in your garden can be a serious problem. Despite invading and potentially taking over your patios, flower beds and lawns, they can also reduce crop yield. And the problem with it is that no matter how much time you spend pulling it by hand (which really is time-consuming!), it keeps growing back. For some weeds, it’s really difficult to remove the whole plant with its roots. No matter how hard you try, the weed problem simply never goes away.
The recent advances in weed management and control have come a long way. We now have chemical products that can destroy the weed and kill the root without leaving any traces or harming the soil and nearby plants and flowers. This is exactly what Roundup All Purpose Ready to Use Weedkiller does! Product Features and Description Roundup 1.2 L All Purpose Ready to Use Weedkiller is a specially formulated weedkiller, non-residual and friendly to soil life as it deactivates upon contact with soil. The product comes with an innovative spread head with two spray patterns – foaming action and drip guard. First effects are seen within 12 hours. Rainproof after 30 minutes. What weeds does it kill? Roundup Weedkiller is effective in the eradication of any kind of unwanted weed including the deep-rooted perennials like Bamboo, Pampas Grass and Lantana. A 1 L bottle of Roundup Weedkiller can kill almost 600 weeds or an area of 30m2. How to use Roundup Weedkiller? Roundup All Purpose Ready to Use Weedkiller incorporates a highly effective systemic action.
  • The product is sprayed exclusively onto the leaves
  • The leaves absorb the product which then enters the sap stream
  • It goes through the sap stream and directly into the roots and shoots therefore killing the plant
  • The soil is ready for replanting in 7 days

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