The best guide to grow and maintain buffalo grass

Buffalo grass is one of the most widespread, lowest maintenance and most flexible turf grasses that will add a beautiful touch to your lawn. It tolerates up to 70 % shade, and it is generally drought and heat resistant. If you’re looking to redo your back garden but don’t know what lawn grass to choose, you’ll find the right answer in this article. If you already have a buffalo grass lawn and you don’t know how to grow and care for it, here we will also cover some very good buffalo grass maintenance tips to make sure your lawn is always pretty, lush and green. This is the best informational guide you’ll find out there on how to grow and maintain buffalo grass.

What is buffalo grass?

Buffalo grass is a type of grass native to North America, parts of South America and the Caribbean. It is extensively used as a lawn grass all over the world. It is a warm season grass that awakens in spring when the temperatures start warming up. Visually, the grass grows 20-25 cm high and has a bluish green color. The blades are a bit curly on ends, and its flowers staminate and pistillate. Around fall, when temperatures go down, the grass goes brown and dormant until spring arrives. The Australian varieties are known to have softer leaves, less scratchy, ideal for outdoor family activities. They also have a great salinity tolerance, and therefore they make great lawns in coastal areas.

How to get buffalo grass to spread?

This type of grass is low maintenance. It can easily adapt to low moisture areas. And some of the latest cultivars don’t need as much watering as the traditional buffalo grass does. Moreover, it has a better resistance to killer weeds. With this type of grass, you must learn one thing. The more you care for it – the worse it will get. As it is low maintenance, you will only need to follow some basic planting guidelines, hand weed removal techniques and a weed and feed product at fertilizing times to reduce weeds and promote growth. Best times for sowing are April to May. The seeded area must be evenly moist, but not soggy. Mowing once a week will be enough to keep the lawn healthy.

How to revive dead buffalo grass?

The best way to revive a dead buffalo grass is to use a weed and feed product that will kill the unwanted weeds and fertilize the soil at the same time. But for any other buffalo grass maintenance issues or to contribute to a better buffalo grass care, you should follow the following set of recommendations –
  • Regular mowing especially during dry periods. Never mow too low as it can damage the roots. Mow twice per week during warm season.
  • Regular watering especially during extended heat and sun periods. Watering it once a week for an hour straight will promote deeper root growth. The best timing to water the grass is early morning from 4am to 10am.
  • If the problem is too much moisture, ensure that your buffalo grass lawn has a good drainage system. Other good alternatives are aeration and better exposure to sun.
Top products to help grow buffalo lawn When choosing the right buffalo lawn fertilizer, it is important to understand what type of release the product offers – slow or fast, and then choose whichever you prefer. The slow-release technology allows a slow release of nutrients into the soil. Usually, these nutrients are released over a time span of 2 to 3 months allowing your lawn to grow thicker, stronger and healthier, and keep it like that for a long period of time. A fast-release technology offers immediate results within days of usage. But it only impacts the appearance of your lawn for a shorter span of time. Always make sure the product label clearly states that the fertilizer uses either a slow- or fast-release technology, or both. Scotts 108382 Lawn Builder, Premium

This product contains a slow-release technology that feeds for 3 months without surge growth or burning. It can be used on any lawns including Buffalo, and it can resist dry conditions especially when water restrictions are running. This buffalo grass fertilizer also has a low application rate of 14g per square metre, and it is pet and child-friendly. Lawn Pro Buffalo Blend Grass Seed
Lawn Pro Buffalo Blend Grass Seed

Another great choice that contains a slow- release fertilizer as well as a wetting agent. It is resistant to extreme drought and heat since it contains a water saver formula. It is a very low maintenance product and can be used on all American varieties of Buffalo grass. RICHGRO Cresco Lawn Fertiliser

This buffalo grass fertilizer feeds all types of lawns, including Buffalo lawns, for up to 8 weeks. It has an immediate action and the result can already be seen within days. It contains a fully granulated formula that allows nutrients to spread evenly throughout the lawn.

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