The Best Lawn Fertilizer Products For A Healthy Lawn

A healthy lawn means a healthy household. What’s on the outside is usually what’s on the inside. Even if you don’t believe it, your lawn actually says a lot about you. It’s your business card. It shows people who you are. If you want to make a good impression, you have to start with your lawn. If you’re having issues with it such as grass discoloration or poor growth, it’s a good sign your lawn might need some rejuvenation. It is hungry for essential nutrients so give it food. Most types of lawn are easy to care for. And technology has come a long way now offering products that combat these issues easily and fast. The only thing you’ll need is a good lawn fertilizer that will end all of your problems.

What is a lawn fertilizer?

A lawn fertilizer is a product that carries essential nutrients to the soil for healthy grass growth. There are different types of formulations, and all vary based on type of lawn and release method. Generally speaking, turf requires 16 elements to grow healthy, thick and green. The most important nutrients are nitrogen (the fastest to get depleted), phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen gives lawn its green color. Phosphorus is responsible for feeding the lawn. Potassium maintains the general health of the lawn. A lawn fertilizer usually contains either one of them or all at the same time. The product comes in either granulated or liquid form. There are 3 main types of lawn fertilizers – synthetic, organic and hybrid, and two main technologies used to carry nutrients to the soil – slow-release and fast-release. Synthetic fertilizers are commercial standard choices that promote immediate action but don’t tackle soil health issues. They are only designed to make your lawn more appealing fast. Organic fertilizers promote a natural solution that gets to the root of your lawn issues and treats it there. It might take some time and you might get some unwanted weed growth here and there. Hybrid fertilizers are a combination of both. Carefully read the product label to see what type of lawn fertilizer it is.

Slow-release vs fast-release

Slow-release or fast-release technology stands for how fast nutrients are transported to the soil. A fast release of nutrients will bring your lawn back to life in a matter of a few days. A slow release of nutrients might take some time for your lawn to get back to life, but the results will linger for longer. A combination of both is best. If not available, the slow-release technology is more recommended.

When should you fertilize?

To avoid fertilizer burn, it is better to fertilize in spring and fall, but never in summer when the lawn can get exposed to heat. Summer heat promotes weed growth, not grass lawn growth. A soil test every 2 to 5 years can help determine any nutrient deficiencies.

Top 3 best lawn fertilizer products

RICHGRO Cresco Lawn Fertiliser This product comes in a granulated formula (best for large areas). It uses a fast-release technology and will bring immediate results. It is perfect for all types of lawns including Buffalo lawns. The product feeds for up to 8 week and it is water restriction friendly. Richgro FRI0655 Lawn Feed & Weed A great fertilizer that is both a lawn fertilizer and a weed killer. It can be used on Buffalo lawns and other type of lawns as well. If besides poor lawn growth or grass discoloration, you’re also dealing with unwanted weeds, this product will help you forget about manual weed removal. Scotts 108382 Lawn Builder, Premium A pet-friendly lawn fertilizer that feeds for 3 months without burning. It is drought, heat, pests and weed tolerant and has a slow application rate of 14g per square metre. This slow-release lawn fertilizer is a great option if you want to maintain your lawn’s health for a longer period.

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