Tropical Evergreen Shrubs & Tropical Jungle Foliage

Tropical evergreen shrubs and foliage are so beautiful and add so much vibrant colors and like purple, yellow, and red shrubs and foliage, tropical evergreens are known for being colorful foliage plants.

Purchase and learn shrub identification, how to identifying shrubs and types of evergreen foliage for your garden and patio.

Tropical evergreens and what I call jungle foliage are so beautiful and add so much green lush foliage to your garden giving it a jungle or tropical Rainforest feel to it but remember most of them are shade loving shrubs.

I have provided some of the best quality nurseries and florist where you can purchase them online with no worries regarding the quality and have them shipped straight to your front door.

Small evergreen shrubs as well as dwarf shrubs are perfect when you have a blank or empty spot in your garden that needs color and texture all year round, but I must say that flowering evergreen shrubs are my favorite to have either in my home or garden bed.

Learn about tropical foliage and shrub identification, types of evergreens and colorful foliage plants even lime green foliage called Lime Ginger for your garden and patio that ate the hardiest and that will bring the most color and texture to your garden.

I will show you which ones are fast growing shrubs and how identifying shrubs that are shade growing shrubs, privacy shrubs and delicious trees and shrubs will be best for you garden.

Here Is List Of Tropical Shrubs and Foliage To Be Used As A Plant Identifier

Just Click on any of the links below of your favorite plant and it will take you to a page where you can purchase it and learn how to grow them.
These plants are more than just fillers for your garden as you will see in the shrub pictures below to help you identify them and to help you with your selection for your tropical evergreen gardens.

Alternanthera Dentata

This brightly colored shrub is perfect if you are trying to make a bold statement in your tropical garden.


Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern a very unique shrub that is also a beautiful specimen to grow in any garden with its green long octopus like foliage.




The Tropical Sea Hibiscus

These Evergreen Shrubs are so beautiful when in bloom, perfect adding a dramatic splash of tropical colors to your garden with exotic flowers and lush green leafs.




Castor Bean Plant

Buy and grow the wonderful castor bean plant, not only are they a beautiful tropical shrubs with beautiful broad leafs, but they have health benefits as well.



Croton Plant

Purchase one of these colorful plants for your home or garden and learn how to grow them to create a tropical look for your home.



Chenille Plant

The Chenille Plant is one of my favorites, I guarantee it will be one of yours too once you grow one of these tropical beauties.




Dumb Cane

This beautiful tropical evergreen shrub has become one of the most popular common house plants because of its tolerance for shade.

Duranta Repens

Its deep purple flowers are laced with white and bright orange berries that cascade like dripping dew drops adding such beautiful colors to your garden.


Desert Rose Plant

Don’t let the name fool you this is a tropical plant that is so easy to grow with a variety of color blooms to choose from, it’s a complete show stopper when in bloom.

Euphorbia Milii or Crown Of Thorns Plant

I will show you my favorites the crown of thorn flowers that are full of delicate colors, also learn how to grow them in your evergreen gardens to add color year round.


Hawaiian Ti Plant

Hawaiian Ti Plant also known as the good luck tree, or the good luck plant, easy to grow and beautiful in any tropical garden, my favorites are the burgundy colors that add a pop of color to your garden.

Jasmine Plants and Flowers

I have supplied a large variety of wonderful smelling jasmine plants that will turn your garden into an incredibly smelling Garden of Eden.


The leaf on the Pseuderanthemum is one of my favorites because it grows quickly and reproduces rather fast for a full lush garden.


Plectrantus Mona Lavender

are so dense the color is overwhelming yet it’s hard to believe this beautiful plant is actually evergreen grow them and beautify your tropical garden.

Pentas Lanceolata

easily grown when given the right conditions, its flowers will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden as well as smelling great.

Variegated Tapioca, Cassava Plant

The Cassava is a major tropical tuber found throughout the tropics and is popular all over the world and desired because of its Tropically shaped leafs.


Latana Plants

The Lantana plants come in so many varieties of colors choose your favorites and watch them bloom inot beautiful clusters of color.



Iresine Herbstii

This beautiful and tropically mysterious looking shrub, Iresine Herbstii has many verities such as blood leaf, purple lady, and beefsteak.


Tropical Sweet Potato Vine/Plant

The Ipomoea sweet potato is a trailing perennial plant that is closely related to the morning glory family, easy to grow and beautiful!

Fire Bush

The Hamelia patens grows as a tropical flowering evergreen, that are fast growing shrubs and will fill your evergreen gardens with lots of hummingbirds and butterflies.

Firecracker Plant

These awesome tropical evergreen shrubs are incredible bursting with color and texture, not to mention butterflies and hummingbirds love its flower.



Mexican Heather

Tropical Mexican Heather are low growing shrubs that are green lush and easy to care for and look beautiful.


Salvia Plants

shrubs that love to be in full sun to show off the beautiful lush greenery and brightly colored flowers.



Tropical Smoke Bush

The tropical smoke bush is an amazing sight to see when in bloom, and it truly looks as if soft puffs of smoke are rising form its purple foliage.


Orange Jasmine

All I can say is Wow!, and you will too once you smell an Orange Jasmine shrub and its blossoms and see how beautiful these are even when not in bloom.


Ixora Coccinea

The Flowers of the Ixora are extremely colorful and a delight to have in your tropical garden, buy one to grow in your garden and watch it become a colorful centerpiece in your garden.



These tropical evergreen shrubs produce flowers just about all year round, a little bit more in the warmer months of the year than the cooler months.


Giant Fountain Grass

I love the fountain grass, as you will see from the selection it comes in many different colors perfect for adding a lush tropical feel to any garden.

Prayer Plant

Its beautiful detail of a bright green leafs with dark green contrasting oval or striping and the fact that its leafs fold in half as if two hand coming together in prayer is what makes them a desirable in any tropical garden.

New Zealand Flax

You’ll be amazed at the change it will bring to your garden with just one plant, they really make a dramatic statement, dont let a plant that is so simple fool you, the look is sutnning.



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