The Meaning Of Flowers

Symbolic Meanings Of Flowers

When It comes to the Meaning of Flowers there are so many that have different symbolic meanings, so make sure you pick well next time you buy flowers or even purchase flowers online.

So if you have a special occasion coming up like a wedding, anniversary, or an unfortunate funeral or even a new girlfriend, boyfriend or just a friend that needs cheering up.

Make sure you know the correct flowers meaning and the Meaning Of Flowers on each one that you pick and give a little note explaining the meaning of the flowers and watch how much more those flowers are appreciated and the surprised look on their faces when they know you took the time to match its meaning to the occasion & make them even more special.

You and I both know that actions speak louder than words, so show them how much you care and make giving gifts of flowers so much more special.

Most people when choosing go by just what looks pretty donât they? Which is alright, but itâs also fun and interesting to see what your favorite flowers mean.

30 years ago I actually did an essay on flowers and put the meaning of flowers into it, surprisingly my mother had saved it. This was something meaningful because of the fact that my 5 older sisters and I were all named after flowers.

When I went to get it out of my storage box and read it, back then there werenât as many meaning of flowers as there are today, I put 25 flowers and their meanings, and now there are too many.

When I stared my research for the Meaning Of Flowers, 6 months ago I couldnât believe how there is a meaning for almost every flower,weed, leaves, even grass where as 30 years ago it was only significant meanings like love, passion, sorrow, forgiveness etc. and the other problem I came across through my research was different books had different meaning of flowers for some.

So I decided to put them all on each flower meaning that I found and let you pick what is heartfelt to you and the person youâre giving them to.

This page is also a Flower Dictionary providing a list of many flowers to broaden you flower vocabulary. I bet you did’nt think that knowing the meaning of flowers would be so important.

I Hope You Will Enjoy These Fun Facts About Flowers

A – Meaning Of Flowers

Abutilon * Meditation

Absinth * Torment of Love, Separation

Acacia * Concealed Love,Chaste love,Beauty in Retirement

Acanthus * Fine Arts, Artifice

Achillea * War

Aconite * Lustre, Misanthropy

Adder’s Toung * Jealousy

Adonis * Sad Memories

Agapanthis * Immortality

Agrimony * Gratitude

Alstroemeria * Friendship, Aspiring, Wealth, Prosperity, Devotion

Allspice * Compassion

Allium * Patience, Unity, Humility

Althea * Consumed By Love

Alyssym * Exemplary Modesty, Excellence Beyonk Beauty

Amaranth * Affectation

Amaryllis * Pride, Pastoral Poetry, Timid, Proud

Ambrosia * Love That Is Reciprocated

Anemone * Anticipation, Expectation, Forsaken, Refusal, Abandonment, Sincerity, Lost Love, Fading Hope

Angelica * Inspiration, Magic

Anthurium * Hospitality

Apocynum * I Doubt You, Falsehood, Figment

Apple Blossom * Good Fortune, Better Things To Come, Promise, Hope

Arbutus * I only Love You

Arborvitae * Immortality, Long Lived

Asclepias * Sorrorful Memories

Aspen * Fear, Excess Of Sensibility

Asphodel * My Regrets Follow You To The Grave, Memorial Sorrow

Aster * Patience, Symbol Of Love, Daintiness, Contentment, Unpredictability

Auricula(red) * Pride

Auricula * Money Does Not Bring Happiness

Azalea * Temperance, Fragile Passion, Chinese Symbol Of Womanhood, Abundance,Your blush Has Won Me, Take Care

B- Meaning Of Flowers

Baby’s Breath * Innocence, Pure of Heart, Happiness, Festivity

Bachelor Button * Single Blessedness, Devotion, Delicacy, Anticipation

Bamboo * Strength, Loyalty

Balm * Sympathy

Balsam * Impatience, Lack Of Compassion

Barberry * Lacking Control Of Temper

Basil * Hatred

Bayberry * Discipline, instruction, Complete Order

Begonia * Beware, Deep Thoughts

Bellflower * Grattitude, Thankful

Bells Of Ireland * Good Luck, Good Fortune, Luck OF The Irish

Bellwort * Loss Of Hope

Betony * Surprise

Bittersweet * Truth, Honesty

Bird Of Paradise, meaning of flowers is * Joyfulness

Bluebell * Humility, Humble,

Bluets * Contentment, Satisfied

Blue Periwinkle * Friendship

Borage * Bluntness

Blue Violet * Modesty, Faithfulness

Bramble * Remorse

Boubardia * Enthusiasm

Buttercup * Desire For Riches,

Butterfly Weed * Let Me go

C – Meaning Of Flowers

Cactus * Endurance

Calla Lily * Magnificent Beauty

Calycanthys * Benevolence

Camellia (White) * Loveliness, You’re Adorable, Fascination,

Camellia (Red) * Flame In My Heart, Innate Warmth

Camellia (Pink) * Longing For You, steadfastness

Candytuft * Don’t Agree, Indifference

Carnation (Solid Color) * Yes

Carnation (Striped) * No, Refusal

Carnation (Pink) * I’ll Never Forget You

Carnation (Red) * Admiration, My Heart Aches For You

Carnation (Purple) * Capriciousness

Carnation (White) * Sweet And Lovely, Innocence, Pure Love, Woman’s Good Luck Gift

Canterbury Bells * Gratitude, Acknowledgement, obligation

Carnation (Yellow) * You Have Disappointed Me, Rejection

Cattail * Peace, Prosperity

Catalpa * Beware Ot The Coquette

Catchfly * Pretended Love, Snare, Unchanging Friendship

Cattleya * Matronly Grace, Mature Charms, Knowledgeable

Celandine * Joy To Come

Centaury * Delicacy, Tasty

Chamomile * Energy In Adversity

Cherry Blossom * Spritual Beauty, Peacefulness

Chickweed * Rendezvous

Chrysanthemun (General) * A wonder Friend, Cheerfulness, Wealth , Fidelity, Rest

Chrysanthemum (White) * Truth

Chrysanthemum (Yellow) * Slighted Love

Chrysanthemum (Red) * Truth

Cineraria * Always Delighted

Citron * Natural Beauty

Clematis * Mental Beauty

Clianthus * Self seeking, Worldliness

Clothbur * Rudeness

Cobaea * Gossip

Columbine * Folly, foolishness

Conbolbulus * Uncertainty

Crocus * Cheerfulness, Gladness, Forsight

Cornblossom * Riches

Corncockle * Peerless and Proud

Cornel * Success

Coxcomb * Foppery

Crabapple Blossom * Irritability, Crabby

Creeping Cereus * Modist Genius

Cress Flowers * Power, Stability

Crown Imperial * Arrogance, Pride Of Birth

Cuscuta * Meanness

D – Meanings Of Flowers

Daffodil * Regard, Unrequited Love, Chivalry, You’re The Only One, The Sun Is Always Shining When I’m With You.

Dahlia * Good Taste, Elegance and Dignity

Daisy * Innocence, Loyal Love, I’ll never Tell, Purity,

Dandelion * Faithfulness, Happiness,

Daphene * Glory, Fame

Dewplant * Serenade, To Woo

Delphinium * Boldness, Presumption, Courage,

Diosma * Your Simple Elegance Charms Me

Dittany Of Crete * Passion

Dogbane * Faleshood

Dogrose * Pleasure

Dogwood * Love Undiminished

E – Meanings Of Flowers

Edelweiss * Daring, Nobil Courage

Eglantine * Genius, Poetry, Talent

Elder * Compassion, Zealousness

Endivin *Frugal

Eschscholtzia (Poppy) * Do Not Refuse Me

Eyebright * Cheer Up

F – Meanings Of Flowers

Fern * Magic, Fascination, Confidence and Shelter, Sincerity

Fig * Argument, A Kept Secret

Fir * Time, Evalution

Flax * Domestic Symbol

Flowering Almond * Hope

Forget Me Not * True Love, Memories, Constancy, Remember Me Forever

Forsythia * Anticipation

Four leaved Clover * Be Mine, Luck

Four O’Clock * Timid, Shy, Quiet Admiration

Fox Glove * Insincerity

Frangipani * Shelter, Protection

Freesia * Trust, Sprited

Fuchsia * Confiding Love

Furze * Anger, Love For all Ocasions

G – Meanings Of Flowers

Gardenia * Your’re Lovely, Purity, Joy, Secret Love, Retirement

Geranium * Stupidity, Folly

Gladioli * Give Me a Break, I’m Really Sincere, Flower Of The Gladiators

Gladiolus * Ready Armed, Prepared

Gloxinia * Love At First Sight

Goldenrod Flower * Encouragement, Precaution,

Grass * Submission

H – Meanings Of Flowers

Harebell * Grief, Submission

Harlequin * Laugh At Trouble

Hawkweed * Quick Sighted,You Caught My Eye

Hawthorne * Hope

Heartsease (Viola) * Modesty, Pleasant Thoughts, Think Of Me

Heather (Lavander) * Admiration, Solitude

Heather (White) * Protection, Wishes Will Come True

Helenium * Tears

Helitrope * Devotion, Eagerness, Intoxicated With Joy

Hemlock * You Will Cause my Death

Hemp * Fate

Hibiscus * Delicate Beauty

Holly * Defense, Domestic Happiness, Strength, Am I forgotten

Hollyhock * Ambition, Fruitfulness

Honey Suckle * Bonds Love, Fidelity, Sweet Affection, Sweetness

Hyacinth (blue) * Constancy

Hyacinth (purple) * Jealousy, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Sorrow

Hyacinth (Red Or Pink * Playful

Hyacinth (White) * Loveliness, I’ll Pray For You

Hyacinth (Yellow) * Jealousy

Hydrangea * Boastful, Frigidity, heartlessness, Thank You For Understanding

I – Meanings Of Flowers

Ice Plant * Beau, Rejected, Freeezing Stare

Iris * Warmth and Affection, Message Of Faith, Wisdom and Valor, Fleru De Lis, Emblem Of France, Hope, Your Friendship Means So Much To Me

Ivy * Wedded Love, Message Of Faith, My Compliments, Fidelity, Affection, Friendship, Marriage

J – Meanings Of Flowers

Jacobs Ladder * Come Down

Jasmine *Wealth, Grace, Amiability, Cheerfulness,

Jonquil * Love Me, Affection Returned, Desire, Sympathy, Violent Sympathy

Judas Tree * Betrayal, Unbelief

K – Meanings Of Flowers

Kingcup * Riches, Untold Wealth

L – Meanings Of Flowers

Laburnum * Forsaken, Pensive Beauty

Ladys’ Slipper * Capricious Beauty, Win Me

Lady’s Smock * Ardor

Lady’s Tresses * Bewitching Grace

Latana * I Am Unyielding

Larkspur (pink) * Levity, Fickleness,

Larkspur (purple) * Haughtiness

Laurel * Ambition, Perfidy, Treachery

Lavander * Acknowledgement, Distrust

Lilac * Youthful Innocence, First Emotions Of Love,

Lilly (calla) * Beauty,

Lily (day) * Coquetry, Majesty, Chinese Emblem For Mother

Lily Tiger * Wealth, Pride

Lily (White) * Virginity, Purity Majesty

Lobelia * Arrogance, Malevolence

London Pride * Frivolity

Lotus * Affection Beyond The Grave

Love In a Mist * Perplexity

Love Lies * Bleeding, Hopeless But Not Heartless

Lucerne * Life

M – Meanings Of Flowers

Magnolia * Nobility, Benevolence, Love Of Nature

Mallow * Mildness

Marigold * Grief, Bittersweet, Cruelty, Jealousy, Inquidetude, Jealous Lover

Marvel Of Peru * Timidity

Mimosa * Exquisite, Fastidious

Mistletoe * Kiss me, Affection, To Surmount Difficulties, Sacred Plant Of India

Monkshood * Danger Is Near, Deady Foe Is Near, Beware

Moon Flower * I only Dream Of Love

Morning Glory * Affection, Departure

Musk Plant * Be Bolder

Myrtle * Love, Hebrew Emblem Of Marriage, Love In Absence

N – Meanings Of Flowers

Narcissus * Egotism, formality

Nasturtium * Conquest, Victory in Battle, Patriotism

Nightshade * Your Thoughts Are Dark

O – Meanings Of Flowers

Oleander * Beware, Caution

Olive *Peace

Orange Blossom * Innocence, Eternal Love, Marriage and Fruitfulness, Purity,

Orange Mock * Deceit

Orchid * A Belle, Love, Beauty,Refinement, Beautyful Lady

Orchid (Cattleya) *Mature Woman

P – Meanings Of Flowers

Palm Leaves * Victory and Success,

Peony * Bashful, Shame

Pansy * Modest, Pleasandt Thoughts, Think Of Me

Peach Blossom * Captive

Periwinkle (White) * Harmony, Pleasure

Periwinkle (Blue) * Early Friendship

Petunia * Resentmetn, Anger

Phesant’s Eye * I cannot Forget You

Pine * Hope, Pity

Plum Blossom * Keep Your Promises, Fidelity

Poppy (general) * Eternal Sleep, Oblivion, Imagination

Poppy (Red) * Pleasure

Poppy (White) * Consolation

Poppy (Yellow) * Wealth, Success

Primrose * I Cant Live Without You

Q – Meanings Of Flowers

Quamoclit * Busybody

Quince Blossom * Temptation

R – Meanings Of Flowers

Rose (Bridal) * Happy Love

Rose (Red) * I Love You

Rose (pink) * Perfect Happiness, Please Believe Me

Rose (Thornless) * Love At First Sight

Rose (White and Red Mixed) * Unity

Rose (White) * Innocence and Purity

Rosebud * Beauty and Youth, A Heart Innocent Of Love

Rosebud (Red) * Pure and Lovely

Rosebud (White) * Too Young To Love

Rose Leaf * You May hope

Rudbeckia * Impartiality

S – Meanings Of Flowers

Saffron * Beware Of Excess Pleasures, Moluptousness

Saxifrage * Affection

Scabious * Widowed

Shamrock * Loyalty

Snapdragon * Desire, Deception, Gracious Lady

Spider Flower * Elope With Me

Stephanotis * Happiness In Marriage, Desire To Travel

Statice * Rememberance

St Johns Wort * Animosity

Sweet Pea * Delicate Pleasure, Good bye, Departure, Blissful Pleasure

Sunflower * Pure Thoughts

T – Meanings Of Flowers

Tansy * Resistance

Trumpet Flower * Fame

Tuberose * Dangerous

Tulip (General) * Declaration Of Love, Perfect Lover

Tulip (yellow) * There’s Sunshine In Your Smile

Tulip (Red) * Believe Me

Tussilage 8 You Shall Have Justice

V – Meanings Of Flowers

Venus Fly Trap * Duplicity

Verbena * Pray For Me

Veronica * Fidelity

Violet * Modesty, Faithfulness, Simplicity

W – Meanings Of Flowers

Water Lily *Purity Of The Heart

Wax Plant * Susceptibility

Wisteria * Cordial Welcome

X – Meanings Of Flowers

Xanthium * Pertinacity, Rudeness

Z – Meanings Of Flowers

Zephyrnthes *Expectation

Zinnia (Magenta) * Lasting Affection

Zinnia (mixed) * Thinking Of an Absent Friend

Zinnia (Scarlet) * Constancy

Zinnia (White) * Goodness

Zinnia (Yellow) * Daily Rememberance

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