Tropical Rare Flowers

Types Of Tropical Flowers

Here ia a list of my favorite rare flowers, list of exotic flowers and many types of rare tropical flowers to make your garden a tropic paradise. After seeing all these incredible Rare Tropical Flowers you’ll wish you had a larger garden so you could plant them All!

I want to make this a fun experience for you and I’m hoping to introduce to you some incredible flowers to you that you have never seen or heard of or heard of but never seen…

So with this selection below feel free to not only brighten up your garden with tropical flowers but with exotic smells too.

The Bi Color pineapple lily is one of my favorite flower on the list of exotic flowers, the colors and shapes of these flowers are so tropical and exotic, it definitely gives your garden that Hawaiian garden feel.

Buy Exotic and Rare Flowers

Click on the links below for each of the Rare Tropical Flowers to find out all about them and to purchase some of these Rare Tropical Flowers.

Pineapple Lily

Purchase and find out more about growing this Tropical and exotic, and very fragrant beautiful flowers in your tropical garden, You’ll love the look and the wonderful smell of these tropical flowers!


The Crossandra is a colorful unusual yet lovely flower growing on a shrubby plant with oval, and beautiful deep green leaves, that are about 2 inches long and small Perfect for adding color to your tropical garden.

Velvetleaf aka Indian Mallow

The rare Velvetleaf aka Indian Mallow, Flowering Maple or its botanical name of Abutilon Theophrasti, and it’s beautiful flower that it produces will be the perfect addition to your tropical garden.

Hoya Plants

You can grow these Tropical Rare Flowers indoors in hanging baskets or if you grow them outside you must live in climates where you don’t have frost in the winter.


Ixora Flowers

Ixora’s more common species are known as jungle geranium or jungle flame and for those who do know about them consider them popular rainforest flowers that are so beautiful and exotic.

Calotropis Gigantea or Crown Flower

According to the Hawaiian culture these exotic and rare flowers are given as a gift to be worn as a symbol of royalty and it is also made in to some of the most stunning leis.

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

The bright and beautiful brunfelsia latifolia or better known as Yesterday Today and Tomorrow, beautiful Purple Lavender and white flowers that are large, sweett smelling, are Tropical Perennials and are rarely seen in gardens.

Caper Plant and its Rare Flower

Buy and Learn about the Rare and Endangered Caper Plant it’s a delicate plant but raved as a delicacy in may recipes around the world.

Balsam Apple and all Clusia Flowers

Its species range from shrubs, vines and small to medium-size trees up to 20 m tall, with evergreen foliage

Bleeding Heart Plant

The Bleeding Heart Plant originates from tropical and central Africa as do most tropical plants and flowers choose from a large selection to grow in your garden..

Firecracker Plant

Buy and Learn about Growing the Beautiful Firecracker Plant & its related flowers, it will bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden to make it even more enchanting.

Solandra Maxima

Solandra maxima or also known as Cup of Gold flower is native to Mexico, and are also found in tropical countries like Central America, they are very hard to find.

Voodoo Lily

For sale the Amorphophallus Bulbifer the Voodoo Lily is probably one of the most beautiful yet frightful flower, or plant you will ever see and definitely you wont see it n a bouquet or floral arrangement.

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