Tropical House Plants and Exotic House Plants

Here you will find Tropical house plants that are unique and exotic.

There are many indoor house plants especially tropical indoor plants varieties to choose from the house plants photos below will help you with identifying house plants, large tropical house plants, low light house plants, tropical plant care, the plant growth process, plants with purple flowers, tropical plant seed as well as common house plants that are easy to care for, even tropical rainforest plants,exotic house plantsindoor flowers, and indoor palm trees.

Here is a list of just some house plants for sale that you will find, exotic house plants, cactus house plant, most all tropical indoor house plants varieties, wandering jew house plant, corn house plant, palm house plants, bamboo house plants, house plant tropical, exotic and unusual house plants.

My personal favorites are the large tropical house plants that are great for corners or for covering a window, gardenia house plant, palm tree house plant, fern house plants, house plants philodendron and the popular tropical peace lily house plant.

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This is where you will find every exotic and tropical house plant to purchase for your home!

Tropical Plant List, House plants for sale and house plants wholesale

Poisonous House Plants

Learn which of your favorite Tropical house plants could be a danger to you and your family if you have small children or animals that may eat them, you can never be too safe when it comes to the best houseplants and indoor house plants varieties!

House Plants Common Diseases & House Plant Pest

I will help and also teach you how to identify particular house plant pest and how to alleviate them and keep your tropical plants beautiful and healthy all year round.

African Violet Plants

Purchase and learn all about these African beauties that are commonly grow as a blooming tropical house plant, perfect for bringing a delicate touch of color to your window ceil.

Anthurium Plant

These beauties are a tropical site to behold and are very versatile, can be grown indoors or out, buy one today and make your home or garden more Tropical and Beautiful and full of color!

Bonsai Trees

Looking for a Tropical bonsai plant? well look no further, I have a huge variety of beautiful, unique and colorful plants for you to choose from as well as tips on how to grow them.

Indoor Bamboo Plants

Everyone loves indoor bamboo, they not only give and create a tropical look to your home but they are also know to bring good luck to those who grow them.

Growing Begonias

Begonias are a long time favorite for many, and here is where you will find a great selection to grow in your home or garden, these rainforest beauties will add beautiful and bright colors to your home.

Hawaiian Ti Plant

These are one of my favorite tropical house plants that can also be grown outdoors as well. I love the colors and the textures of this Hawaiian beauty that add that perfect tropical touch to your home, office or garden.


Bromeliad Care

These exotic flowers are a very sought after tropical house plant that is so beautiful in floral arrangements as well, these colorful house plants last for years.



Caladium Plant

The Caladium plant is beautiful and the most colorful tropical rainforest plants that you can grow in your home, I have provided a huge selection for you to choose from to add splashes of color throughout your home.




Coleus Plant

Another extremely colorful tropical house plants that are perfect house guest, very easy to grow and not very demanding… find the best selection all in one place.



Christmas Cactus Care

Buy this beautiful tropical cactus for your home that gets it name because it goes into full bloom right around Christmas time, quite a site to behold with all its beautiful colors.


Chenille Plant

These extravagantly flowing fuzzy flowers are quite the site to behold, just think what your family will say when they see you growing this tropical beauty.

Croton Plant

I love this popular tropical plant with its colorful shiny leafs, and you will love it too because they are so easy to grow with no fuss and absolutely beautiful.


Tropical Corn Plants

Another easy to grow tropical that makes an exotic statement in your home or office, these are so beautiful and are the perfect addition to your home to make it look and feel more tropical.




Hoya Plants

This totally unique and exotic house plant produces some of the most extraordinary clusters of flowers for a showy display that will wow your family and guest.




Jasmine Plants and Flowers

Here is a great selection of on of the worldâs best smelling flowers, it will make your house smell like paradise!


Oyster Plant

These tropical plants are a win, win because they not only look beautiful in your home but you can even eat them and they are quite tasty, I have also provided some recipes that you can use.


Phaseolus Caracalla or Snail Vine

This is one of my absolute favorites as you will see it produces some of the most beautiful flowers and they smell incredible as well, perfect as a house plant!


Pony Tail Palm

This is the most exotic looking palm tree and thankfully you can grow them as tropical house plants choose form a great selection shipped strait to your door.



Jatropha Podagrica

Buy the beautiful Tropical Plant the Jatropha Multifida also goes by the names known as the coral plant, Coral bush, Physic Nut, and Coral Plant.


Orchids are one of the most popular house plants seen all around the world, I have one of the largest selections for you to choose the perfect tropical flowers to give as gifts or keep for yourself.

Ornamental Pepper

Not only is this edible but they are quite a showy plant indoors or outdoors in your garden, grow one and wow your family with these colorful ornamental peppers!


The Parlor Palm

The parlor palm is a very showy palm tree that is the perfect house plant, easy to grow, and it will give your home the tropical look you were looking for.


Peace Lilies

Buy one of the beautiful tropical plants to give your room a bit of tropical grace with its delicate white flowers and shiny green leafs.



Philodendron Plants

The Philodendron comes in so may shapes and surprisingly can be a little hard to find, but I so have a few even beautiful silk Philodendrons for your home.

Pitcher Plant

Donât let this tropical beauty fool you, these plants will help get rid of bugs and flyâs around the house because they are carnivorous plants, but donât worry they won’t hurt humans and they really are beautiful.

Prayer Plant

These are such a cool tropical plant to have around when you touch the leafs they close up as if two hands in prayer, they’re very interesting tropical house plants to have.

Pothos Plant

Buy one of these beautiful hanging tropical plants for your home to bring the look of the tropics inside your home for that extra tropical look.

Persian Shield

If you love the color purple then you will really love this tropical shrub, it not only adds color to your home but also an exotic look.

Sansevieria Trifasciata

These are one of the hardiest tropical plants that I know of, nick named the mother in law plant it truly is a beautiful tropical house plant.



It’s important to me to not only have beautiful plants in my home but the most important of all is knowing which are poisonous house plants and which are not because of my children and animals.



You will learn by identifying house plants that are tropical indoor plants and I will give you many to view with house plants pictures and choose which your favorite is. Caring for house plants should be simple and actually most of them are.

As you check out the different Tropical House Plants you will find at the bottom of each page house many of these tropical plants for sale.

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