Tropical Lavender Perennial Colored Flowers

Tropical lilac and Lavender Perennial Flowers add such breathtaking color with these intense lighter shades of purple or lavender-blue flowers, and create the most beautiful, yet romantic & Tropical lavender flower garden that will take everyone’s breath away!

What I love about Lavender colored flowers is that no matter what other plants or color flowers you plant them with in your garden it always looks cherry.

You will find a variety of romantic lavender color flowers such as lavender calla lily, lavender carnations, my personal favorite the lavender orchid, the tropical lavender hibiscus, lavender-blue flowers, and lavender lilly flowers that will transform your flowerbed to look so lovely.

I have one section in my garden that has every shade of purple and lavender flowers and everyone who sees it is in awe of how beautiful it is, I have agapanthus, the purple princess flowers, deep purple Thunbergia Erecta beautiful bell shaped flowers, purple pansy’s and Delphinium Purple Passion, the combination of different shades of purple truly are breathtaking!

When planting in your garden there is no right or wrong plant to choose, if you pick the flowers your love any color combination you will be amazed how tropical you can make your garden look with brightly colored flowers and lots of lush greenery!

Buy Lilac Colored Flowers & Buy Lavender Plants

Choose from this incredible selection below of brightly colored Lavender flowers to put a burst of color in your garden.
When you click on the plant that you love and need for your garden, it will give specific instructions on how to grow them.



Beautiful Lavender Colored Flowers By

You can buy Lavender Perennial of all sorts to beautify your garden.

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