Tropical Rainforest Plants

Here is some information and pictures on indoor tropical rainforest plants, Amazon rainforest plants and Exotic house plants for you to enjoy…

Did you know there are two types of Rainforest producing plants in the tropical rainforest?

First there are temperate rainforest plants and the tropical, and that all most all exotic house plants are plants of the rainforest and amazon rainforest plants from around the world and are low light house plants.

Bbecause they are used to canopyâs of large trees that protect these plants from direct sunlight thatâs why tropical rainforest biome plants do so well indoors out of their natural rainforest biome.

Tropical rainforest are found close to the equator where the humidity is high and it gets very warm if not very hot, these are the conditions and rainforest soil that tropical rainforest plants and flowers love best.

There are also many medicinal plants of the rainforest that are used to help with diseases, infections, and ailments.

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Temperate Rainforests are found along coasts in the temperate zone, such as in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. The rainforest are so important to the air we breathe by producing clean oxygen purifying the air also the ozone layers and both producing rich rainforest soil that aid in the vegetation of these lush plants in the tropical rainforest.


This is where you can purchase the hard to find Acai palm tree and learn how to grow your own miracle fruit the acai berry and all the wonderful things that go along with this exotic palm tree.

Ageratum Conyzoides
Purchase the Floss Flower in many colors and learn how to grow them in your garden.

Purchase the Floss Flower in many colors and learn how to grow them in your garden and add splashes of color through your tropical flower beds or containers.

Artichoke Plant

The artichoke plant

not only produces one of my favorite foods but it also grows a beautiful tropical flower that is so unique and exotic looking, buy them here and impress your family and friends.



African Violet

Buy everything you will need to grow the most beautiful violets in your home and a great variety of plants and colors to choose from.



Bengal Bamboo Plant

Find all about this exotic bamboo, where it originates from and what its used for. You can also purchase bamboo plants for your home and garden.



Bougainvillea Plant

Here is a wonderful variety of this tropical vineing plant that brings bright colors and texture to your garden, and its one of the easiest plants to grow!




These are one of my favorite tropical flowers to grow in my home. Now you can too buy them and learn how to grow these exotic beauties in your home or garden.



Caladium Plant

Not only beautiful and the most colorful Tropical Rainforest Plants but I have brought you a magnificent array of these plants to all incredible colors to your garden or home.


Ceiba or Kapok Tree

These are such a sight to behold and you can grow one of these tropical rainforest trees in your home or in your garden, theyâe very hard to find but Iâve got them just for you!

Christmas Cactus

I have brought to you a great selection of the tropical Christmas cactus in several beautiful colors to add beauty to your home or garden.



Croton Plant

If you want to get tropical foliage that has lots of colors to brighten your garden, then this plant is perfect for you and your garden to create a colorful and exotic look!



Coleus Plant

Here is another tropical rainforest shrub that comes in magnificent colors to make your garden even more exotic!

Elephant Ear Plants, Alocasia Robusta

When you see these plants you canât think of anything but tropical, here is the best and largest variety for you to purchase for your home all in one place.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Buy the beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig and grow your own super fruit in your won garden, and create a tropical wonderland in the privacy of your own home.

Kalanchoe Plant

Buy some of the most unusual and beautiful Tropical Rainforest Kalanchoe Plants to grow in your garden to creat a really tropical look and learn all about how to grow them.


Find hundreds of

Orchids to buy or to give as a gift, learn how to care for them and about the different species or orchids for sale.

Pitcher Plant

Definitely not common plant to grow, a very bizarre yet beautiful rainforest plant to grow to create an unusual garden, also perfect as a house plant.

Prayer Plant

Buy one of these mystical plants that fold their leaves together as if putting their hands together in prayer when you touch them.



Philodendron Plants

Philodendrons are tropical evergreen plants that are ideal houseplants that take very little care and create such a beautiful look to your home.



Rex Begonia Escargot

Purchase the beautiful rex begonia with its intricate leafs and flowers with bright colors, so beautiful and the perfect addition to brighten up your garden.

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is easy to grow and has such a tropical jungle look. Itâs the perfect addition to make your home and garden look more tropical.

Shrimp Plants

The shrimp plant is call that for a reason its flowers resemble the body of a shrimp but more beautiful, the perfect exotic addition for your garden.

Spider Plants

The spider plant is a old favorite that has been in many homes for years as tropical rainforest house plants popular around the world.

Strangler Figs

Strangler Figs, The King of All Tropical Rainforest Plants learn all about this fascinating tropical Tropical Rainforest Plants and its statistics.

Umbrella Plant

Tropical Umbrella Plant, also known as the Octopus Tree, you can find a wide selection of these beautiful tropical rainforest plants to grow in your garden.

Zebra Plant

Buy the tropical zebra plant known as low light house plants perfect for adding a tropical touch to your home.

Books About the Rainforest Facts, It’s Plants, Animals And More

If you looking for books that have to do with anything tropical or related to the Tropical Rainforest Plants youâll find right here!

Both tropical rainforest and temperate rainforest are unfortunately endangered due to the environment changing and humans invading these beautiful wetlands and tropical rainforest to build expanding new cities.

Besides giving you information on rainforest plants that are best grown as exotic house plants I will give you a list of tropical rain forest locations around the world, and information on how the plants of the tropical rainforest are affected by the tropical rainforest biome and the climate for tropical rainforest, also rainforest soil whatâs best to grow your house plants.

I will also provide a list of name of plants, information on how to grow plants, plant identifier and flowering plant identification and house plants pictures to help you with all this.

This information should help you to choose well when getting the plants in the rainforest into your home and staying healthy.

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