Beautiful Tropical Trees

List Of Flowering Trees and Tropical Evergreen Trees

I hope you will enjoy seeing all the exotic tropical

trees I have chosen to share with you that can make your garden look like a tropical rainforest landscape with very little effort. There are also varieties of unique types of Tropical Trees and evergreen trees and list of flowering trees that are stunning and amazing that a tree can be so beautiful.

Thank goodness for the tropics and tropical climates and dont forget the rainforest that have all brought us some of the most fascinating, exotic and stunning trees that adorn our gardens, parks and streets.

You will be amazed by the exotic orchid trees, pink flowering kinds even tropical rainforest trees that will turn your yard into a tropic paradise with out any effort because of the natural tropic beauty these trees possess.

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Below you will find a list of the most tropical and exotic flowering trees in a array of colors that will beautify your garden far beyond your expectations and many of them will also add exotic fragrances to your home as well!

Hibiscus Tree

Here is where you can buy every type of color and shape of hibiscus flowers and plants imaginable as well as learn how to grow and prune them.

African Tulip Tree and the liriodendron Tulipifer

Tropical Tulip Trees are quite stunning and showy Tropical Trees with its big Red flowers on the African tulip and Yellow flowers on the liriodendron tulipifer.

Angel Trumpet Tree The angel trumpet flowers are so stunning with their light bell shaped cones that look like they could float through the air, colorful with soft pastel colors

The angel trumpet flowers are so stunning with their light bell shaped cones that look like they could float through the air, colorful with soft pastel colors.



Bonsai Trees and Bonsai Tree Care

Buy every type of tropical bonsai tree imaginable from the tropical evergreen to tropical blooming bonsai trees perfect for adding a tropical touch to your home or office.



How To Grow Bananas Trees

Purchase and learn how to grow the very Tropical Trees that are not only ornametal beautiful banana trees but produce fruit in your own tropical garden!



Bottle Brush Tree

Purchase this beautiful tropical bottlebrush tree and bottle brush plant with their feathery showy red flowers for your garden.



Butea Monosperma

It is also known as Flame of the forest because of its fiery appearance of its flowers, buy these exotic trees for a showy garden.



Catalpa Tree

Catalpa tree is a White Flowering Trees that are beautiful small to medium deciduous tree, with large tropical heart shaped leaves perfect for creating a tropical appearance to any landscaped garden.



Cocoa Tree

The cocoa tree, just think how cool would it be if you were able to grow your own chocolate tree in your own garden.



Ceiba Tree

Buy this magnificent tree for your garden whis is very tropical and unique, originally from the Central American Rainforest.



Chinese Parasol Tree

The Chinese Parasol Tree or also known as the Varnish Tree also the umbrella tree which are such beautiful trees with over looked detail. These are the perfect addition to your tropical garden.


Caesalpinia Pulcherrima or Royal Poinciana Tree


Yellow flowers of golden flamboyant tree, Delonix regia var. flavida. perfect for making a dramatic statement in any tropical landscape, weather its in your garden or lining the streets of your neighborhood.

Coral Trees

Erythrina crista galli is a flowering tree in the family Fabaceae, native to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay and easy to grow in your tropical garden.



Ficus Tree

Tropical Golden Chain Tree or Golden Shower Tree

This is my favorite tropical tree for adding an enchanting look to your tropical garden with their flowing chais of flowers that are so exotic, buy a tree for yours today!



Hong Kong Orchid Tree

This tree also belongs to the Botanical Family of Caesalpinioideae and are quite a site to behold, especially when its growing in your own garden!


Jacaranda Tree

If you are looking to add a spectacular tree to your garden with blue and lavender flowers, then look no further, these tropical trees are the perfect addition.



Mimosa Trees

Mimosa trees are tropical evergreen trees with magnificent burst of colors, there is the golden yellow mimosa and the incredible pink flower mimosa both just as beautiful, perfect for creating a tropical look to your garden.

Monkey Pod Tree

The monkey pod trees are one of the most unique tropical trees that are not only exotically beautiful but their wood is in demand because its beautiful grains and colors.



Money Tree Plant

Here you can learn all about money tree care and buy these magnificent trees that will bring you good luck online at great prices.



Oleander Tree

The tropical Oleander tree is a wonderful and takes very little care, it can either grow to be a rounded shrub or small to medium sized tree.


Persian Lilac

Plumeria Care, Plumeria tree

This exotic plumeria flower and plumeria tree is known as Hawaii’s flower but its common name but not widely known frangipani Buy one for your garden today!



Potato Tree

These flowers are a wonderful tropical addition to a any garden, how often do you see trees with pruple flowers that look like this?



Sea Lettuce

Sweet Acacia Trees

Sweet Acacia are known as a Tropical and subtropical trees that are closely related to the Acacia karroo, Wattle tree and Mimosa tree.



Tabebuia Tree or Trumpet tree

All three of these tropical trees are stunning ornamentals that are great for adding brilliant color to any tropical garden bed, or garden.



Tropical Sea Grape Tree

This sea grape tree is no stranger and can be a common sight in tropical climates all over shorelines of tropical beaches and homes or gardens close to the beach.



Umbrella Plant or Octopus Tree

You will often see these umbrella trees being grown in offices and homes all around the world but are known best for its beauty in the tropics.





Wisteria Tree

The Wisteria Tree one of the most beautiful trees with purple flowers and white wisteria flowers that I know of, and is absolutely one of my favorites.




Just having a tropical flowering evergreen in you yard will make such a difference that all the neighbors will be talking about how beautiful your garden is.

Just having a tropical flowering evergreen in you yard will make such a difference that all the neighbors will be talking about how beautiful your garden is.

Beautifying your garden is easy when you have a big selection with growing details and great pictures to show you what to expect, and hopefully I have made it easier for your to choose the right tropical flowering trees to create the perfect looking garden!

So many of these trees are so easy to grow and you will be amazed at the tropical elegance it will add to your garden and not to mention beautiful flowers full of color and rich green leaves to be the envy of your neighbors.


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