Tropical Types Of Bonsai Trees

Who would have ever thought that types of bonsai trees came in the form of tropical trees? There was a time when I didnât.

I remember when I first learned about mini tropical trees that were actually Bonsai, I was somewhat surprised because I had only thought of bonsai’s as Japanese Red Maple, Japanese Black Pine, and the most popular and familiar Green Mound Juniper.

But what a great surprise, finding out that there are many Tropical Types Of Bonsai Trees, which I will offer them to you to bring home to grow and enjoy.

Also you will learn how to grow bonsai trees in your home and how easy it actually is, they just take a little of attention and TLC is all you will need for the most unique tropical look that you can achieve, not to mention wowing our friends and family.

Treat yourself & buy one of these Tropical Types Of Bonsai Trees, they are also great as gifts for baby showers and birthdays or just because!

Buy Tropical Types Of Bonsai Trees, Tropical Bonsai Flowering Tree and All Types of Bonsai Trees

Purchase these beautiful miniature tropical trees to enjoy their magnificent beauty that you probably wouldnât be able to grow in your garden.


Bonsai Tree Meaning

What these trees true meanings are peace, harmony, and all good things.

These incredible trees first stared with the name Pun-Sai tree in China over 1,000 years ago and was the only species known.

It would be grown in small pots in homes in hopes of good life and harmony would come to those who grew them.

When these Types Of Bonsai Trees first emerged they werenât as beautiful as they are today they had sparse foliage and somewhat deformed looking with its branches rough looking and gnarled.

These trees were introduced to Japan during the Kamakura period which took place from 1199 to 1333, a Very long time ago and they were mostly grown by Zen Buddhists and Buddhist monks in monasteries which they believed them to be symbol of honor and prestige.

Growing bonsai trees is and was considered to be an art form that once they came to Japan it was no longer just for the monks, it slowly grew as a tree of respect as well as an art form being able to trim and shape these trees into beautiful works of art by anyone who wished to grow them.

These exceptional trees are now grown world wide and can be found at most nurseries and home improvement stores even the grocery store by my home sells them.

How to Grow Bonsai Trees

Many think that the Bonsai are an actual specifically manufactured tree but in actuality bonsai is an art of shaping and pruning to obtain a dwarf version of a tree or plant

The main thing about growing them is in the pruning, the soil that is specific for these trees and the size of the pot, which all come into play. the size of these pots help in restricting the growth keeping them miniature.

Keeping the soil slightly moist is best depending on the tree, be carful not to over or under water and definitely make sure the roots of the bonsai tree are never over watered or sitting in lots of water. So remember to water often but very little at a time this is true with most all types of Bonsai Trees.

In order to keep your Bonsai tree as healthy as possible, it is very important to use a proper bonsai soil. They are designed to dry out easier than standard houseplant soils which are usually made to maintain a moist soil. Below I have provided you the opportunity to purchase the proper soil.

Its very important to remember that the Bonsai have special nutritional needs such as nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potash in the spring and fall. So purchase a fertilizer that will provide these nutrients. You may have to purchase more that one in order to accomplish proper feeing.

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