Tropical Plant Care and
How to Grow Plants

Tropical Plant Care

Caring For Plants

Learning about Tropical Plant Care and the tropical plant growth process is beneficial for the survival of your house plants or garden plants and flowers and caring for plants so that they produce luscious green leafs and brightly colored flowers.

You should always first check the label on your plant of the specifics because plants sold at nurseries, Home Depot or Lowes usually will only sell plants that are adaptable for your area.

For the most part tropical plants love the sun so before planting any new plants outdoors watch the area where you want to plant and see if it becomes heavily shaded for most of the day or if you get only partial shade during the day which is actually fine to have a little bit of shade for many plants, or if you get full 100% sunshine throughout the day.

One thing to remember that most rainforest plants don’t like direct sun they only like filtered sun under trees etc.

So when watering please remember not to over water or to be constantly sitting in muddy oversaturated water, this will lead to root rot and eventually kill your plant or tree.

It’s better to have your plant dry out a bit between watering rather than over watering your plants, flowers and trees.

Its good to fertilize at the beginning and end of summer either using a liquid fertilizer or a pellet time released fertilizer, remember not to fertilize during the winter.

If you want you can do as I do and as soon as the last frost of winter has passed which is the first sign of spring around April depending on where you live, you can add a bit of fertilizer to give your plant a boost for spring and summer.

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Tropical Plant Care

Plant Growth Process and
How To Grow Plants

Below you will find everything imaginable from books to products to help you grow the lushest and most beautiful tropical plants, flowers, and trees and be the envy of your neighbors!

Most tropical plant especially rainforest plants love to have moisture, you can accomplish this by watering just a little every other day, or by using misters.

Indoor plants especially love to be misted as well.

Books on properly growing your plants has been on of my best tools when it came to learning the proper way to grow and care for them...

Fertilizing your tropical plants and flowers is very important to ensure they get the nutrients need to produce healthy plants.

Tropical Plant Care, If your plats are being grown in a pot or planter remember to have a moisture tray underneath them, you can create your own by using small gravel in a try under your plant and make sure to keep it filled with water. The water turns into moisture that rises up into the plant making it very happy without pouring water onto it or into the soil.

Tropical Plant Care

Tropical Plant Care

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